The most common dream of our brides is to wear a lavish wedding dress and look like a princess. We all fantasize about our big day since we were young. Many of us still think that a woman looks like a real bride when she wears a pompous white gown. This is not the only choice you have, however. Nowadays, the palette of dress styles for brides is extremely wide and diversified. One can choose from multiple designs, one more beautiful than the other. It just depends on what you’re looking for. In the end, sky is the limit, or your budget.

Money is the only thing that prevents you from buying a more expensive or sophisticated design. Those who are short on money can limit their choices to simpler designs or buy a pre-worn dress instead. If you have nothing against wearing a dress that has been worn before by another woman, then a consignment gown could be on your taste. You can start looking through local bridal saloons and see if they have anything that fit your price tag. If not, try entering a thrift store and browse through their models. You may be able to find a piece that matches your vision and budget.

Consignment Stores Bridal Dresses

Consignment Stores Bridal Dresses (Photo by: kf0nz1)

They might have cheap wedding dresses that can be remodeled. This is a good idea for those who know a seamstress who alter a bigger dress or cover certain areas with similar fabric. You might as well consider buying a simple dress and have it decorated by hand. This is another affordable option for those who want to wear something moderately priced yet unique. Consignment stores usually have the best quality in pre-worn wedding dresses. Their selection is a bit more refined. You can out your hopes and dreams in this alternative. Start the search as early as possible, so that you can find something to really like and fit. If none of these options help you, post a message in a magazine or on a bridal website to find a vendor.

Many ex-brides are selling their wedding gown at an attractive price. You can even find a designer dress that you can buy for cheap. If the dress is not your size, calculate the alternations and see if it’s worth it. If not, try to purchase a brand new dress that reaches the same price. Altering may be costing you a few hundreds dollars. It depends on what you need for your dress. We advise you to study the dress well before paying the money. Don’t buy a model that is completely compromised. The dress you like may contain stains and damages that are difficult or impossible to repair. Pay attention to discoloration and fabric ruptures.


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It’s every bride’s dream to wear a couture dress at her wedding. We all want a unique look for our big day, so it seems only natural to think of a designer gown for your nuptials. There are hundreds of fashion designers who have dedicated their entire work on making dresses for brides and bridal party members. The list of brands is extremely long, so we picked only a few resounding names that you can check for more inspiration. Each designer has his own way of defining perfection in a wedding dress or interpreting the role and power of a dress in a bride’s life.

This is precisely why each designer bridal collection is different. Bridal dress designers can also be classified by style, by price, by standards and other criteria. There are brands and companies that create vintage wedding dresses for brides who love the exclusive old-fashion styles and designers who create only for the fashion-forward brides. There are dresses to fit pregnant brides, encore or older brides, destination brides, petite brides and other special categories. We can talk about classic and trendy styles, simple and glamorous, celebrity-inspired or custom-made, and so on. It depends on how each one of you sees her wedding dress.

Designer Bridal Dresses

Designer Bridal Dresses (Photo by: olly301)

We should start with Pronovias, for this company is one of the most expansive in the whole wide world. This is a Barcelona-based empire of wedding dresses that started as a family lace shop in 1922 in Spain. The team of designers creates multiple collections each year, for both brides and wedding attendants. Their silhouettes are special, unique and highly qualitative. These designers use crisp lace, intricate details and embroideries and form-fitted silhouettes from mermaid to sweeping ball gowns. You should also be able to find bridal accessory lines that offer shoes, purses and gloves for the happy bride. Romona Keveza is another famous designer who creates luxurious fashionable bridal dresses. She likes to use pastel and jewel tones in her gowns, such as gold, champagne or light blue. This designer also creates accessories for the bridal wear, such as ribbon belts and oversized flowers, lace overlays and lace necklines.

Rivini is our next recommendation for white sweeping wedding dresses inspired by flowers. If you want to look and feel organic on your wedding day, consider a lightweight Rivini dress for a timeless look. Reem Acra creates silk-satin embroidered wedding dresses based on detailed needlework and Swarovski crystal and pearl inserts. Any fashionable bride can recognize the unique beadwork of this designer. Romantic brides who love the vintage style can consider Claire Pettibone and her whimsical collections. We are big fans of her nature-inspired silhouettes as well. She uses Mother Nature as a source of inspiration for her floral, plant and vine detailed dresses.


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Weddings seem like extremely expensive affairs for those who have a small budget to work on. Fortunately, you guys can enjoy more freedom in selecting the amplitude, formality, location and decorations for your wedding. You can use many efficient ways to cut down the wedding costs. There are many items you can buy for less. Or, you can choose alternatives to traditional flowers, food, music and other important ingredients of a wedding so that you can afford to host this event properly.

The bride is not willing to sacrifice the style and elegance of her wedding dress by buying something cheap. But when you are really short on money, any alternative may seem profitable. We’re not asking you to borrow your dress or to shop in vintage stores, but to look for a discount model. If you’ve just got engaged, use this period until your big day to look for a beautiful wedding dress at discounts. Many bridal saloons have discounts at dresses released a year ago. You can shop for your wedding dress in winter if your wedding occurs in spring or summer and find a unique dress at a good deal. Discount wedding gowns are possible.

Discount Bridal Dresses

Discount Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Anthony van Dyck)

This is not just a dream you can fool yourself with. But in order to succeed, you need to watch the stores and their sales. Ask in advance if there is going to be any discount at the dresses they have in store. Or, you might as well search online. The internet is full of affordable sales for older dress models. You may even get the luck to find a designer wedding dress at a discount price! Many brides today decide to sell their dress after the wedding. After all, why keep the gown locked in the closet when you can sell it and make a profit out of it! Think about the other brides who also deserve a beautiful look for their wedding. Don’t resign yourself to spending a fortune on an expensive wedding dress because you can pay only a half of the retail price at seasonal sales. As we said before, you need time and a little planning to do this.

Start shopping early and do this as often as possible. Off season sales are usually more affordable, as the vendors are trying to make space for new models of the upcoming season. It doesn’t matter what designers they have in store. They are obligated to put up for sale the old models they have in store and replace them with new fashions. Browse through different bridal stores and collections until you find a last season dress that can fit your figure and expectations. If the dress is big, have it resized at a local seamstress for cheap.


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For many brides of today, their dream wedding evolves around a fancy couture wedding dress. The vision of the perfect wedding is based or depends on the perfect wedding dress. Modern brides find it easier to shop for their ideal gown in a designer’s collections. It’s easier but more expensive than to opt for an off the rack dress from a local store. But our brides are aware of the additional cash they must pay for an outstanding wedding dress and this is why many save for this field with many years in advance. Designer bridal dresses are easy to find and love by any bride, no matter how pretentious she may be.

A large beautiful wedding dress selection can be found at David Bridal’s. This brand has many collections of wedding dresses, especially for destination brides. We make this recommendation because the dresses these designers sell are cheaper than others. Even those who have a really small budget can find something unique to afford at David Bridal’s. Besides this, the models they have are available in numerous sizes. So, even the most exigent bride should be able to spot a model to fit her figure and flatter her personality. But most of all, you will enjoy a great shopping experience while browsing through David Bridal’s portfolio.

David Bridal Dresses

David Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Just Wedding)

This designer also has stylish bridal accessories you can consider for your big day. The additional services offered by this company can help even the less experienced bride to find a dress on her taste and budget. Their collections are highly inspiring, so it would be impossible not to find something to suit your wedding. We’ve decided to promote David Bridal’s collections because these guys have a dress to fit any style preference and budget. Finding an affordable wedding dress designer can be tough these days. Brides are used to get scared by the high price tag of dresses signed by Vera Wang, Pronovias or Oleg Cassini. This is why finding a couture silhouette to fit a tighter budget may seem impossible to many women.

But at David Bridal’s dreams become reality even for economical brides. You can shop for really affordable silhouettes made in ruched charmeuse and fathered skits, colored satin gowns with front splits, gossamer drop waist models with floral appliqués, organza and tulle silhouettes, Cinderella inspired dresses in tulle and beaded embroideries and belts, Mikado dresses with draped bodices and rose ornaments, etc. These are just a few inspiring models to find at David Bridal’s. If you want to look like a diva on your wedding day, have a celebrity inspired dress. Look for Kate Middleton, Wynonna Judd or Priscilla Chan inspired silhouettes. These stars have inspired some of most beautiful David Bridal’s wedding dresses.


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Sheath wedding dresses are not appreciated by many women. This style may be difficult to understand by voluptuous women who are only used to wearing form fitting dresses with a very deep décolletage and a sleek slim skirt. On the other hand, there are those relaxed brides who enjoy more a comfortable wedding dress with a simple cut. If you find yourself in this category, you can look into J. Crew’s portfolio. This designer is one of the most popular and estimated in the field of nonchalant wedding dresses for modern commodious brides.

There are girls who love J. Crew’s creations and girls who find them rather boring and totally unflattering for tier wear. We know many brides who simply don’t get the appeal or purpose of this designer’s gowns. His cloths seem plain without any detail to cling your eye onto. But this precise simplicity is the thing that makes his dresses so unique and distinctive. Those who are into bohemian styles and hippie looks will surely love the silhouettes proposed by J. Crew. This retailer has one of the most beautiful collections of bridesmaid dresses. You should visit his website and browse through both bridal and bridesmaids lines. J. Crew’s wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are not for formal weddings, but for casual affairs.

Jcrew Bridal Dresses

J. Crew Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Louise McLaren)

If you are one of those brides who are planning a beach or outdoors wedding, check out his collections. Those who are having a cathedral or ballroom wedding should try something different for their ceremony. J. Crew wedding dresses are designed especially for sandy shores and alfresco venues. You can buy different colored dresses for your bridesmaids from this designer’s collection and add more vibrancy to your wedding. Besides this, your girls’ colorful gowns will also enhance your simple white dress and make you feel like a real goddess. You can select gowns in navy, yellow, green and pink for your bridesmaids if the wedding occurs on a beach, coast or island. One can easily observe the excellent quality of J. Crew’s gowns. There are many boutiques and bridal saloons out there that sell this designer’s creations.

Nevertheless, you should know that this couturier has very pricy stuff. But we think that those who really appreciate the simple type of sophistication in a wedding dress will find this worth it. J. Crew’s wedding dresses are based on soft clean lines, natural cuts and minimal fussiness. The majority of silhouettes falls to the floor and come with a strapless or sleeves neckline. Those of you who want to wear something knee-length can find pretty styles under $500! The most exciting thing about this designer’s gowns is the fact that they can be worn again on different occasions, especially the bridesmaid gowns.


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There is no need to hide behind the truth anymore: wedding dresses are expenses. And not just for the ordinary bride who has a limited budget to follow. Even rich brides complain that couture wedding gowns are too expensive for their price point. The reality is never in accordance to the dreams we have as bride. We all like to fantasize of the ideal wedding dress with a reasonable price tag, but a simple visit at a bridal saloon can prove you wrong. It also depends a lot where you shop for your dress! If you’re visiting a bridal boutique with a famous brand you will surely step out of the store in a few seconds!

The dresses you can see in the window are beautiful and appealing but you should present yourself from falling in love with a too pricy model! To cut down the costs and the stress, the economical bride can shop in a thrift store. We don’t know how many of you are actually willing to consider a secondhand wedding dress, but we thought we should give this topic a try. Not all women want a brand new dress for their big day. It sounds incredible, but it’s true. Some women think it’s foolish to invest so many cash in a gown that will only be worn once!

Secondhand Bridal Dresses

Secondhand Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Worldizen)

This is the bottom line of spending hundreds of dollars for a dress that will be thrown in the closet after the wedding. Every bride wants an impeccable look for her big day, but not all of them are willing to cover the costs of a brand new dress signed by a famous designer. Renting a gown or purchasing one from a secondhand store seems more appropriate for those who are on a budget and have this mentality. Think of the money you will save on a used wedding dress. There are many other items to pay for when it comes to a wedding event. This is a huge event of a high complexity that requires a lot of attention on the budget. To make sure that you won’t end up in debts because of an expensive gown try to make this purchase from a secondhand store.

You should be able to find a consignment store in your local area that sells good stuff. Browse through their models and see if you can buy something and remake at home. If you have a seamstress in your family or neighborhood, don’t shy from asking her to update your gown to suit your personality and wedding style. Before starting the shopping session you must do your homework and find out more about the style of dress you need to buy for your wedding.


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For the majority of brides, the wedding gown seems to be the most significant item to purchase for the wedding. Anything else seems to be of a lesser importance or secondary in the eyes of a passionate bride. The wedding dress she picks for her wedding is the highlight of the day and the most admired element of the entire event. Finding and purchasing the most beautiful wedding dress can be a fun and exciting adventure for those who are willing to browse through all existing stores, and a stressful and daunting experience for brides who are hard to decide or simply more pretentious.

There are a few important qualities to look for when choosing a wedding dress. The gown must be comfortable and easy to move and dance in. It’s obvious that it has to be beautiful and unique. But the offer of wedding dresses is so generous that it would be impossible not to find a style to like. Among all the qualities of the perfect wedding dress, the price tag seems to be the one that has the final word. Those who are on a budget should check the price first and then decide on the style, if they don’t have a favored design in mind yet to look for.

Buy Bridal Dresses

Buy Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Ben Salter)

Fortunately, there are many places out there to look for the ideal wedding dress that can be comfy, figure-flattering and budget-friendly. It takes more time to fulfill this task, but eventually it will worth the stress and the energy you’ve consumed. There are so many outlets out there to shop in when looking for a special wedding dress to fit your special wedding. The first place to look into is the bridal saloons in your local area. However, many brides of today prefer to do a little research on the Internet first. This always helps them make themselves an image of the styles that are available at that time for the modern bride. You can compare between different styles and price tags and make yourself an idea of what it means to purchase a wedding dress.

Bridal saloons have a wide range of wedding dresses that can fit your budget and preferences. Not to mention that many of these saloons also offer off-season sales at discount prices. Besides this, many saloons have trunk shows for those who want a designer wedding dress at an attractive price. Purchasing your wedding dress from a bridal saloon could be lengthier than you can imagine. You can shop in a consignment boutique for a vintage or really cheap gown. A bridal warehouse offer beautiful dresses that can be shipped home the same day you try one on. Designer and seamstress wedding dresses are other options.


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It’s every bride’s dream to plan an expensive wedding and obtain a luxurious look for the event. But this dream is not easy to complete, especially when you are on a really tight budget. Things may seem impossible for those who have already spent a fortune on the venue, flowers, cake and favors. All parts of a wedding are important, or at least just as important as your wedding dress. You should not think that your gown is the only one to cost hundreds of dollars.

It’s true that nothing is more important in a wedding than the bride and her spectacular look. But you need to distribute the wedding expenses properly so that you can afford to buy something truly unique for less. Finding an inexpensive wedding dress can be very overwhelming and time consuming. But you are lucky because nowadays you can find many stores that offer discounts and cheaper alternatives to expensive gowns, more than ever before. Our fashion designers know that modern brides are dealing with financial issues and this is why they are willing to offer a wide diversity of styles for cheap. It doesn’t have to be a designer wedding dress.

Inexpensive Bridal Dresses

Inexpensive Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Shezamm)

It’s not necessarily to focus on couture and other famous celebrity gown styles. Keep your expectations high without crossing the limits of your imagination. Stay real and true to your budget and you will be able to find something to suit your taste and wedding. Start with a thrift store. If you are planning a vintage look for your big day, we suggest you consider wearing an old fashion model. There are many amazing boutiques out there that sell vintage and antique wedding dress at attractive prices. Look for a gown that can be remade of redesigned to suit your preferences and body shape. If you have a seamstress in your family, don’t hesitate to ask her to make the dress fit your figure and personality.

There are many ways to update a gown when the seamstress is talented. Or, you can ask someone who is skilled in this field in your local area to design you a dress from scratch or to make your own design. You should be able to find many brand new gowns at fabulous prices on the internet. There are many brides who sell their wedding dress. In most cases, these gowns have been worn once or twice at most. Search in consignment stores and choose a private seller who keeps the dresses in a perfect condition. No one should be able to tell that your dress is bought from a thrifty shop. You can even pick a simple white gown and tailor it to look like a wedding model.


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Hunting for the ideal wedding dress is definitely a time consuming business. There is a lot of emotion and energy involved in this process also. But the modern bride is more relaxed and willing to make the best of the shopping process. She is more open minded and ready to embrace newer styles that she once thought inappropriate for her wedding. The majority of brides prefer a couture gown for their wedding. This is why many of them decide in the end to go for a designer wedding dress. Nevertheless, between the decision to wear a couture dress and the actual purchased of the dress is a big difference.

The impossibility of paying for a designer model can simply bring any one down. The high price can determine the negative answer of a bride regarding her favorite wedding dress. Everybody knows that designer wedding dresses are very expensive. Only those who have a big budget can afford such an expensive purchase, and perhaps those who are willing to make compromises. There is the contrary opinion that says that designer wedding dresses are a caprice for wealthy brides who don’t care for the fact that they will only wear the model once. It’s the biggest day of your life so we shouldn’t get stingy.

Vera Wang Bridal Dresses

Vera Wang Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Patricia Figueira)

The list of famous designer wedding dresses is long and diversity. Each designer has its own specific and each bride must choose the one that flatters her completely. This process is confusing and very overwhelming. And this is because all bridal dresses created today are spectacular and simply unique. We admit that a designer wedding gown can make you feel and look like a real diva. But it depends on the effect each one of you wishes to create. Let’s take Vera Wang for example. This couturier has a famous dress style that sometimes it’s easier to recognize, while other times it’s more complicated. It depends on the specific of each collection she creates. The last bridal collection is called “White” and it is a classic beauty. Not all modern brides want a fashion-forward dress for the ceremony, but a classier design.

If you like the whimsical and twisty style of Vera Wang, you should definitely browse through her pieces. Those who are into this designer’s timeless gowns should participate at one of her trunk shows to be able to see the dresses live. Many celebrities have worn her silhouettes. We have a few names for you: Mariah Cary in 1993, Jessica Simpson in 2002, Jennifer Lopez in 2004, Avril Lavigne in 2006, Khloe Kardashian in 2008, Ivanka Trump in 2009, Chelsea Clinton in 2010, LaLa Vazquez in 2010 and Alicia Keys in 2010. Each of these brides wore different Vera Wang silhouettes.


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It’s hip to be an unconventional bride and wear something shorter than the usual, did you know that? Nowadays, brides of all ages decide to opt for a unique wedding dress, one that can provide them with a more outstanding look. It’s natural to wish for more exclusivity when you’re a bride. This is your Big Day and nothing should keep you away from a spectacular look.

The modern bride has many options when it comes to short wedding dresses. There are many designs to choose from, some more provocative and others classier. Either way, the short bridal dress style is very chic, feminine and enjoyable. Those who want to look younger or simply more eye-catchy should definitely drop the floor length style and choose something shorter instead. Nevertheless, short wedding dresses are not for everybody. Only those who are willing to show off their legs can embrace this style. This is perhaps the most challenging thing to assume.

Trendy Short Bridal Dresses

Trendy Short Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Quinn Dombrowski)

Those who are more mature or have all kinds of inconveniences regarding the skin on their legs and feet may not respond positively to our proposal. But it’s not mandatory to be an above the knees length gown. Your dress can be as shorter as you wish. Start with the ankle length style and see if this one suits you well. Older women and those who are encore brides usually decide on calf and mid length styles. For a more vintage look we suggest you try the tea length style. Many brides of today are in for this style because it is trendy, chic and feminine. Tea length wedding dresses are versatile and fun to wear. They are definitely more comfortable and adequate for those who want to dance all day and night long! We enjoy short wedding gowns because they allow the bride to show off a little bit of leg and shoe. This is a wonderful thing, especially since our modern brides are such shoe addicts.

The majority of brides today prefer a unique couture pair of shoes for their wedding. The problem is that the shoes are never as visible as the bride would like them to be underneath a full length gown. So, those who are into designer shoes can consider a short dress for their wedding. The skirt can be A-line and simple, ruffled, pleated or even tight on the body. It doesn’t have to be a very wedding-like dress. How about wearing a Marilyn Monroe inspired short dress? There are many other silhouettes that you can choose from for a shorter gown. We like the models in black and white and we always recommend them to those who want an original old-fashion look for the ceremony and reception.


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