Weddings demand a lot of attention from the planner and the couple as well, and if you can’t afford a wedding planner, you have to think about every detail and create a cool environment and atmosphere for the event to take place. Renting a garden or using your own will allow you to save some important cash, but the question remains: how will I make everything look fabulous? The answer is simpler than you may have thought, with the help of decorations and in this case, you have plenty of option to choose from.

When thinking of garden decorations for your wedding you should primarily consider everything to look natural and classy. Use lots of cut and potted flowers. Combine lavish blooms with lots of petals with smaller, more colorful ones in intricate bouquets. Potted shrubs are also welcome. You can get roses, Hydrangea and many others and after the reception they will remain unharmed in your personal outdoor space. The colors and the flower types should be carefully chosen according to the theme and the season of the wedding.

Garden Wedding Decoration

A summer event will be perfectly accessorized with bouquets and arrangement made out of daisies, orange and pink roses and, lilies and calla lilies. In spring go for brighter colors such as pink, mauve, purple, fuchsia and lime green by using flowers such as hydrangea, carnations, alstroemeria, cherry blossoms and maybe some dark purple tulips. When the fall comes, a wedding should take in warmer looking flowers in combination with darker accents: besides using conventional roses and lilies, add some yellow leaves and decorative pumpkins. In winter, you usually don’t organize a garden wedding, but if you do, choose white and blue flowers with accents of light purple.

Garden Wedding Decoration

Besides flowers, you can use details that are particular to the season in which you organize the wedding, for example the ones mentioned for the fall wedding. You can choose branches, twigs, wheat stems, mace reed, vegetables and fruits. For a classier theme, try to go for pots with nice patterns and delicate ribbons and bows ornaments.

You can buy cheap ribbon from which you can make tons of accessories from May Arts along other necessary crafting materials.

When decorating the chairs, bars and tables, go for simple linens that allow you to add more intricate details. Overly decorated linens will cost more and the decorations will have to be simpler and not so impressing. You can also use fabric butterflies, bugs and birds in addition to feathers and various decorative stones and glass balls.11

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