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The bride is the star of the wedding, the most admired persons of the entire event and no one should take this from her. This is why the other female members of the bridal party must be dressed in simpler outfits. The mother of the bride, the maid of honor, the bridesmaids and even the flower girl should have coordinated dresses and bouquets that don’t overshadow the bride’s unique attire. The contrary, they must all complement the bride and enhance her special look. We’ve decided to talk a little bit about flower girls and flower girl dresses.

There are many dilemmas on this topic that we want to make clearer to you. One of the most popular questions in field is whether the flower girl dress should match the bride’s gown. This seems more like a thing of formality, but it’s not always the case. Many brides of today choose to break tradition and institute their own rules. But if we are to ask the etiquette, we will get a positive answer. Yes, the flower girl dress should match the wedding dress worn by the bride. The flower girl plays an important role in a wedding. It’s a great honor for moms and dads who have been asked for the “hand” of their little daughter to play this role in a wedding. Nevertheless, it is a difficult task to fulfill, especially for you don’t know the appropriate etiquette for the flower girl dress.

Flower Girl Dresses That Look Like Bridal Gown

Flower Girl Dresses That Look Like Bridal Gown (Photo by: Lee Haywood)

The flower girl can be anyone from the couple’s families or from other close friends and persons. As we said before, the flower girl dress may reflect the same theme or design of the bride’s dress, but it doesn’t have to be an exact copy of what the bride is wearing! We appreciate brides who have the courage to allow their bridesmaids to wear white or off white dresses. The flower girl is an “inoffensive” personage in your wedding and it would be nice of you to let her look like she’s part of the event. A flower girl dress that reflects your own gown’s style is no risk for you as a bride.

You can have wearing a dress in a similar color or cut. High-waist silhouettes are perfect for both romantic brides and little girls. This type of dress was very popular during the 1800s. Back in those days, little girls were often dressed up like their moms or adults. If you’re having a vintage wedding, consider this tip. Don’t choose something too mature for a tiny flower girl or something too childish for a junior flower girl that will make her look silly. Choose a white dress for her and a coordinated


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You never get enough of suggestions and creative ideas that can make your life better and more special. Inspiration and inspiring someone is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to weddings. Wanting to be original and go besides the traditional ideal background that pushes on every bride and groom shoulders, is not novelty.

So, as other aspects of our social life, the wedding ceremony herself disposes of creative ideas. Set your imagination free and create a wedding where the real combines itself with unusual elements. Dream or reality, this is what your guests should wonder when seeing the amazing setting that you have created.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Wedding Ideas from

A creative wedding idea is to inspire yourself from books or anime movies that you have loved as a young child. No, it’s not silly. As a matter a fact, an “Alice in Wonderland” theme wedding it will surprise everyone from every point of view. To achieve such a challenge, make sure that you have the perfect dream location. And what can be more appropriate than an outdoor wedding, where the grass would play the role of a carpet and the surrounding vegetation would be the décor itself. You need a rich imagination, it’s true. But don’t despair. The nature is on your side and you can collaborate with it as you please.

Before starting talking about the story like setting and the details that will make it perfect, let’s bring out every bride’s favorite subject: the wedding dress. It must be unique. What can accomplish this better than a dress that transposes you in the skin of the character. Choose a layered pattern, playful, that can highlight your innocence and childhood spirit. You can wear on the head, instead of a veal, a natural flowers tiara and also you can dare to pick a pair of colored shoes, like the ones that Alice wears in the animation movie. In wonderland everything is allowed. You can give your dress colored shades: red shoes, a playful colored band on the head or on the waist, or if you are really bold, wear a mini top hat on the head.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Wedding Ideas from

If you really want this kind of wedding, you will have to get into character very well, because after all, you want to bring back into our days the wonderful story. Let’s go back to details. Some white wooden chairs will liken better with the real story setting. The color and the diversity are the key elements in the wedding decoration pattern that you will have to choose. Flowers, colored candles, balloons, confetti, everything needs to blend together so that it will seem like a dream come true. When you think about “Alice in Wonderland” a few things come to mind: the pretty rabbits, the mini top hat, the watch, the kettle, the bird cage. Now you can be playful. You can start by putting flower petals on the ground, same color or variations on the one you want, set little, pretty tea cups on the tables and a kettle in the middle, maybe a sweet birdcage filled with purple, red, orange field flowers.

Another creative wedding idea would be to offer your guests, on their way out, “Alice in Wonderland” inspired favors like little mushroom houses. They will always remember your wedding day. So you wouldn’t skip any detail, read the book a few times, or even watch the movie together with your family. It will be a great way to connect with them and to share ideas.11

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