wedding hair styles

wedding hair styles

Did you know that the color of your hair can help you select a hairstyle that is representative for your personality? Brides can choose their hairdo for the big day based on the color, length and texture. These are a few of the many important factors of influence that a bride should take into consideration when making this selection. Blonde brides look different and require different hairstyles than black-haired brides. Blonde hair looks fascinating in braids and twists. Black-haired brides are more elegant when wearing their hair in curls or in a sleek up-do.

On the other hand, natural redheads can opt for a passionate or romantic look by wearing large waves or big locks. Let’s focus on black-haired brides. They say that up-dos are the most adequate selections for women who have a dark black hair. This style can be done in various ways. It can range from classy and elegant to fun and playful. It just depends on the type of wedding you’re having. The formality of the event should influence the level of elegance of your hairstyle. African-American brides are often seen wearing their hair straight at the wedding, but also in curls.

Black Bridal Hair Style Ideas

Black Bridal Hair Style Ideas (Photo by: Cyn Elena)

Braids are also natural choices for these brides. Choose the style that helps you enhance the beautiful features of your face and wedding dress. Long black hair is hard to grow, but it is one of the most delightful to play and style. Brides who have a long black hair can wear it down or opt for a regal style. If your wedding has an informal character, you can perhaps opt for a natural loose hairstyle. But it has a black tie feel, choosing a sleek up do seems more appropriate. Straight hair is in big trend these days. Nevertheless, the majority of brides prefer to curl it a little bit for their wedding and make it look more romantic. Give a feminine shape to your black hair by adding bohemian waves. It’s true that selecting the best look for your hair is confusing and overwhelming, giving the fact that there are so many options.

Wear your hair in long curls if you want a traditional look. Don’t make the curls too thick if you want a fun, flirty feel and look. Add a flower fascinator to it to make it look more romantic and expressive. If you prefer the long, straight and sleek style, consider wearing a head band. This piece will bring more sophistication and fanciness to your overall look. Wear your hair in a long ponytail if you want to enjoy more comfort and practicality during the day. The ponytail can be straight or textured, depending on your preference. Simple buns are great for formal weddings.


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Preparing for the big day is a long exciting process for the bride and her bridal party members. There are many items to purchase, but nothing seems more important than the wedding dress. Nevertheless, the final touches are the ones that provide with added beauty and uniqueness. The hairstyle you choose for your big day is crucial for your overall look. The way you decide to do your hair will speak of your personality and taste in fashion. The hairdo should enhance your beautiful face, your dress and silhouette. This is why you guys need to allocate more time for this field.

Choosing the right hairstyle for your big day is a must. Try a simple & elegant design for a successful look. Instead of going pompous and elaborated, you might as well focus on a natural look. This style is trendy these days. Many women think that overwrought styles can attract more attention and provide them with an outstanding look. Perhaps a high up do can help your guests identify you easier, but this doesn’t assure you a beautiful look. It’s not mandatory to go over the top to obtain a unique look. Simple wedding hairstyles help the bride focus on their face and dress.

Bridal Hair Simple Style

Bridal Hair Simple Style (Photo by: Faylyne)

It’s more important to enhance the natural beauty of your face and splendid gown when choosing the perfect hairstyle. Choose a hairstyle that is both timeless and trendy. It has to look good on you and in photographs. It must suit your personality and the type of wedding you’re planning. Simple bridal hairdos always help avoiding wedding day hair disasters. Let’s see a few options. The French Twist works well with short and long bangs. It is a sleek hairstyle that enhances the beauty of your neck and fits a classy look. Start making your own French twist by creating a ponytail close to your head. Twist the hair and pin it to stay in place. Curl it to look more romantic or keep it straight for a simpler look. Both sleek and curled ponytails are in for this year’s weddings and simple bridal looks.

These hairstyles work best for medium to long length hair. To make your ponytail stand out, add a hairpin, a few flowers or a colored bow or a few flowers for extra embellishment. Braided hairstyles are twisted designs are all the rage. Braids and twists are always successful choices for long-lasting unique bridal hairdos. Single French braids work well for outdoors ceremonies. You can wear it with or without bangs. Circular braids are even trendier. They cover the entire surface of the hair in an elegant whimsical way. They are worn today by many Hollywood celebrities. Graceful waves and ballerina buns are other simple hairstyles to choose from.


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Every bride has her own vision of the perfect wedding day. This is why it’s difficult to say which style is more or less adequate for you. It depends on the way you interpret or define the ideal look for a wedding. There are classic, traditional, modern and vintage-inspired brides. There are petite, slim, full-figure, young, mature and encore brides. There are Asian, Greek and Indian brides. These are just a few examples of important differences that count when selecting the perfect theme or style for a wedding. We’ve decided to talk about Indian women today, or more precisely of brides who want to look like Indian brides on their wedding day.

This style is eccentric and incredibly unique. This is why so many European brides are considering it for their big day. There are many original things to steal from an Indian bride’s look. First of all, there is their traditional wedding dress and then their sophisticated makeup. Thirdly, you can get inspired from their unique hairstyle and jewelry. The Indian bride always has long hair. Or at least this is what we see in movies and fashion pictures. Those who have a short haircut usually decide to wear hair extensions, just to be able to obtain a more elaborated hairstyle for their special day. Most of wedding hairstyles of Indian brides are recommended for long hair. 

Indian Bridal Hair Styles

Indian Bridal Hair Styles (Photo by: Chantel Beam)

And these hairstyles are always sophisticated and grandiose. Whether it’s about basic up dos or flowing locks, Indian wedding hairstyle is meant to add more elegance to the overall ensemble of the bride. The hairdo these brides wear is supposed to complement the dress they wear. The traditional bun is the most common for Indian brides. We can refer here about the large buns based on tight and twist hair gatherings at the back of the hair. This hairdo may not be that appealing or interesting if it wasn’t for the flower and jewelry adornments. It’s customary for the Indian bride to be decorated with sparkling accessories from head to toes.

We love those beaded buns they wear and the extravagance they lend. For a more formal look you can choose a classic up do with a twist. This style is based on curled and pinned up hair. You can add different types of hair accessories to this style. Both long and medium-length haired brides can choose this style. For a trendier look you can go for side bun. This style is not suitable for all brides, however. But it can make a more modern approach on the traditional Indian bun. Those who have well-defined cheek bones can adopt this style for a lovely look. Indian brides with prominent eyes would also look amazing while wearing this hairdo.


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A lot of weddings are based on romance and elegance. Today’s brides have many options when it comes to doing their hair in a cute and lovely way to suit a church ceremony or a fancy reception. It’s all about the look you want to obtain: formal or natural, sleek or loose, up or down, traditional or modern, etc. You can do your hair to suit the wedding theme or opt for a simple down do to fit an outdoors small ceremony. There is more to looking beautiful at your wedding than the dress.

The undergarments, the makeup, the shoes, the bouquet, the jewels and the hairstyle are all those elements that add to the perfect final look. The most difficult to plan of these is the hairstyle. This chapter is a delicate one for many brides. You can never precisely predict the way your hair will look like if you follow this or that hairstyle. Besides this, you can never be sure that it will last in perfect condition during the entire day. The humidity, the rain and the wind can easily mess your hair up. And when your hair looks bad, everything looks inappropriate.

Half Up Bridal Hair Pictures

Half Up Bridal Hair Pictures (Photo by: Faylyne)

To avoid sticky or unpleasant frizzy hair you need to apply special treatments to it before you go to the saloon and also choose a simple hairstyle. Keep things natural and loose to make sure that your hair won’t be totally ruined after the ceremony. One of the easiest ways to obtain a romantic look to fit a wedding and to last well during the ceremonies is the half-up style. This style is timelessly beautiful, simple and easy to wear. It’s true that many women feel safer wearing a tight and sleek up do. But if you don’t like the way you look with all your hair up, choose a halfway up do. This is a classic hairstyle for weddings but it can be easily customized to suit different brides and wedding formalities. Half-up hairstyles are feminine and romantic and they provide the bride with a relaxed attitude and feel.

The best thing of all is that you can reproduce it on your own. You don’t need a professional hairstylist to create you a half-up hairstyle to suit a casual outdoors wedding. If you are on a budget, follow this route and save more for your wedding. You can adopt the same style for your bridesmaids, or simply allow them to wear their hair down. We have a few ideas for unique bridal half-up-dos. The first suggestion is to try a twisted half ponytail for a trendy look and secure style.  French braids and side twist hairdos are also recommended for those who want something easy to achieve.


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It seems only natural for a woman to wish for long hair for her wedding. There are more hairstyle choices for you and you can enjoy more complex designs. Many girls choose to grow their hair out for their big day so that the hairstylist can create something unique and artistic for the ceremony and reception. Brides of today admit that one of the most important accessories they wear at their nuptials is their hairstyle. And when you have a very long hair to start with, anything seems possible.

Even those who have a short hair can make it fit the elegance and glamour of a wedding day by simply adding more flourishes, such as a fancy tiara, a vintage comb, a fancy headband, a chic birdcage veil or a romantic flower clip. So, you have two options as a bride: to choose a sophisticated hairdo or to opt for a unique hairpiece. You can even wear your hair down and put on a jeweled headpiece to look effortlessly glitzy. You can choose soft curls or leave your hair fall down in a straight sleek form.

Bridal Styles For Really Long Hair

Bridal Styles For Really Long Hair (Photo by: Faylyne)

It depends on the type of dress you’re wearing and how long your hair is. If it reaches your waits, you may feel obligated to wave it a little bit to make it look more elegant and romantic. If your hair is long but thin and soft, opt for a voluminous hairdo. Up-dos are great choices in this sense. The majority of those who have a long flowing hair choose a down do for the ceremony and fancier up-do for the reception. The important thing to consider when making this choice is to go for something that suits your personality, gown and veil (if case). Have a test run before the big day to make sure that everything fits perfectly. The accessories you decide on must add more glam to your overall look and keep your locks in place in the same time.

It’s trendy to wear your hair up and adorn it with sparkly rhinestones, diamond barrettes and other bold geometrical pieces of jewelry and charms. Wear your hair in a ponytail if you want height and volume. This look fits young brides planning an outdoors wedding. If you have bangs, whisk them to the side for a more eye-catchy look. High sleek up-dos are ideal for princess brides wearing a big ball gown dress or an elegant A-line gown. The braided hairstyle is also in vogue. Many celebrities are seen wearing creative braids on the red carpet. Bond haired brides look feminine and romantic while wearing braids. Side buns are glamorous and dainty. Tussled looks based on soft curls and floral wreaths are great for alfresco ceremonies.


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Did you know that the wedding venue can have a major influence on the hairstyle you choose? Perhaps you never thought of your wedding hairdo in these terms. It seems easy and exciting to follow your preferences and choose a hairstyle that you personal like for your big day. But things are more complex than that. You have to make sure that the style you picked is easy to coordinate with the formality, season, location and theme of the wedding. Besides all these, it must also match your wedding dress neckline and face shape. Don’t fret, because these aspects will come naturally in the process of choosing the most adequate hairstyle for your ceremony and reception.

Let’s focus a bit on the venue criterion. This “detail” is important to take into account when your wedding occurs in a special location, such as a cathedral, ballroom or synagogue. Things are different when you’re marrying on a beach for instance. Your hair needs to accommodate to the specific of the venue. And when it comes to beach ceremonies, the best style to consider is the casual style. This type of venue provides the bride and her guests with a more relaxed feel.

Bridal Hair Atyles

Bridal Hair Styles (Photo by: SimonShaw)

Compared to formal indoors ceremonies, beach nuptials are more laid-back and indulgent with the bride’s attire and look. Many destination brides prefer to wear their hair down to escape the inconvenience caused by the wind. It can be very breezy out there and this is why you must think of a hairstyle that can last and look adequate for the venue. There are a few ideas at this point. In general, beach wedding hairstyles should be simple & romantic. These are the principal virtues to look for or consider when making this decision.

Seaside affairs call for minimalist adornment from the bride’s part, from all points of view. It’s like asking her to undress herself of all the pomp she would have chosen for a traditional wedding. This is the best time to play natural and behave natural. The beach asks you to kick off your shoes and loosen up your hair. Nevertheless, you must choose a style that fits your hair texture, length and nuance. You can go bohemian and opt for a casual braided hairdo. This style works well especially for blonde brides. If you like to feel the breeze going through your hair, choose a simple half-up style. Use a strong hold spray if you’re wearing curls or a messier up-do. Loose and wavy is the best way to go when you want to obtain a natural appeal. Apply a gel that allows your hair to air dry. For a tousled appearance, use your fingers to loosen up your waves.


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It’s fun, affordable and easier to plan a simple wedding and pose in a natural delicate bride. There is no need to complicate things and invest a lot of money, time and energy in organizing a pompous wedding and an elaborated look. You can keep things minimalist and elegant. You know that the saying “less is more” proved to be true. Simple is elegant also fits contemporary brides & modern weddings. Crossing the line is never a good idea for those who are on a budget. Simple can refer to affordable in the majority of cases, although it’s not an implicitly thing.

There are many ways to save on your wedding or plan a simple day and look. From the dress and shoes to the flowers and accessories, your wedding-day look can be soft, neat and feminine. The elegance and comfort factors are the ones that prevail in this equation. When it comes to bridal hairstyles, the same thing can apply. Simple over the intricate seems like the best way to go when you’re an ordinary woman who doesn’t want to copy or imitate anyone. Not all brides want to look like a diva or princess on their wedding day. Getting inspired from celebrity looks is not the dream of all brides of today. Following your own style and individuality means playing more sincere and obtaining an authentic look. The most important thing for original brides is to find a hairstyle that makes them feel comfortable.

Bridal Hair Dos

Bridal Hair Dos (Photo by: Barry Thomas)

Those who are confident in their own charm and beauty can dare taking this route. The essential is to look like you on your wedding day, but the best you! Less elaborated hairdos help the bride show off the beauty and glow of their face and their amazing dress. Opt for a simple hairstyle to make sure that your look will stand the test of time. Looking back to your wedding photographs should be a pleasant experience and not bad memory. The ponytail is simple sleek hairdo for a modern commodious bride. It can be a low or high ponytail, depending on your favorite style.

This arrangement is easy to create and wear. It is a classic beauty and it fits young brides especially. Leave the ponytail simple or add a flower or bow for extra embellishment. Soft waves are for romantic brides who want a nonchalant dainty look. Those who have a chin-length hair or longer can wear graceful waves at their wedding. Opt for a voluminous look for a celebrity-like appearance. If you prefer something even classier, consider a ballerina bun. This style works well with different types of bridal veils and decorative accessories. Wear your hair down in a straight shiny style or in delicate locks at the end.


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Are you still looking for a way to fashion your hair and make it look more adequate for your wedding? You should definitely stop for a few minutes to read this article. The suggestions we have here are for romantic brides-to-be who wish for a classy and feminine hairdo for their ceremony. The headdress you’re using for your hair is just as important as the hairstyle you’re choosing. In most cases it can be even more important, especially if you’re a short-haired bride.

There are many types of hair pieces you can choose from nowadays. The internet is filled with unique couture head pieces designed for different types of hairdos, brides and weddings. It seems always easier to solve this issue by using flowers. We are big fans of flowered bridal hairstyles. There is a trend at the moment with floral wreaths and leaf vines that can suit perfect well the bohemian inspired bride. In general, these types of hair decorations are more adequate for the vintage-based bride. Many designers of today have unique proposal in this sense for those who are interested in obtaining an old-fashion look for their big day.

Bridal Hair Flowers

Bridal Hair Flowers (Photo by: olly301)

The idea of wearing flowers in your hair at the wedding is not new but not very old either. Back in the old days the bride was covered with a long veil made of a thick fabric. This piece of cloth had to cover her hair and even her face. The only flowers she wore were those incorporated in garlands they could wear at their neck. The wedding rings in ancient times were also made of herbs and vines. Later they discovered metal and started crafting more durable rings. The use of flowers in bridal attire was popularized during Victorian era. This was the era of flower dictionaries, when each type of flower was interpreted in a certain way. Consulting the flower language brides of that time could choose their favorite meaning or wish for their marriage.

Flower wreaths are nowadays recommended for those who are planning a rustic or hippie wedding. If you are one of those lucky brides to be organizing an outdoors wedding, choose a crown of flowers to adorn your head. This will change completely the look and feel of your ceremony. Getting married on an open field, barefoot, wearing a fluid dress and a crown of flowers on your head is a dream come true for many bohemian brides. If you don’t like the idea of wearing a flower & vine wreath on your head at the wedding, consider using a big flower fascinator. It’s trendy to wear an oversized flower made of crepe or tissue paper for instance. But it can be any other fabric that matches your dress.


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One of the richest sources of inspiration for a bride & her wedding is the season. And summer is not the only season to exploit for a wedding. Although the majority of the couples have a preference for warm season celebrations, fall and winter are trendier choices. Let’s take autumn for instance. At a first sight, you may be tempted to say that this season is gloomy, rainy and cold. It can be frustrating to plan the ceremony and reception for a rainy day. But it doesn’t have to rain on your wedding day.

You can choose September or October for your wedding, when the time is warmer and more enjoyable for your guests. We know many brides and grooms who have decided to wed in the first month of fall, outside the doors. The changing foliage and the crisp air are unique elements that can add more to the beauty and vibe of your wedding atmosphere. Brides can dress up according to the season or at least due their hair in a more thematic way. Did you know that you can opt for a seasonal hairdo for your wedding? It’s trendy to follow this style nowadays. Don’t stick to those old classic hairstyles traditional brides did for their wedding.

Consider something more eccentric and original. Fall wedding hairstyles are based on seasonal colors and accessories. Take into consideration the rich hues of the season and incorporate them in your wedding and wedding attire. Don’t be afraid to dye your hair for the wedding and add some seasonal flair to it. This idea is flattering for those who want a whole new look for their big day. It’s easy to match the colors of fall by dyeing your hair in brown or red-brown or auburn. These autumnal tones can surely make you look sensational as a fall-inspired bride. These nuances work for both later summer and early autumn wedding ceremonies. Think of adorning your hair with flowers inspired by the season. They should bring you a natural elegant look.

Bridal Wedding Hair

Bridal Wedding Hair (Photo by: Faylyne)

Use colors that complement the shades of your hair and wedding décor. Anything like pale yellows, vivid oranges, rusty reds, russets, chocolate browns, burgundies, purples and dark olive greens can fit. You can wear fresh flowers or crafty blooms, depending on your attire and overall look. Oversized flower fascinators are great choices for modern brides. Experiment with different fabrics, textures and patterns for a more outstanding look. If you wish to look even more thematic and authentic, wear a leaf headpiece in your hair. Add bobby pins with leaves or acorns stuck on the end, or a leaf inspired hair comb. These accessories are easy to arrange on both up-dos and half-up styles. Braided hairstyles fit the opulence of fall.


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Not all brides have or want a long flowing hair. Not all women look good with long hair and this is precisely why you must never try to assume what looks good on another person, unless you are convinced that it will fit you as well. Not everything we see in bridal magazines and wedding pictures suits us. There is a big difference between what we think it looks good on us and what it does look good on us in reality. Every bride needs the advice of a specialist in field.

Weddings are important events based on a strict formality. You can’t show up with a bad hair. There is nothing worse than a bad wedding hair. It’s safer to go to a bridal saloon and ask for more tips and tricks on how to do your hair for the big day. They should be able to show you different hairstyles they’ve done for weddings so far. Choose one that flatters your face figure and dress design. Ask the hairstylist if the style you like will fit your well. The length of hair is very important when it comes to elaborated hairdos. Medium hairstyles are the easiest to pull off and wear.

Bridal Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Bridal Hairstyles For Medium Hair (Photo by: Dana Le)

Many people think that medium hairstyles are not wedding-appropriate. But they look gorgeous for both formal and informal weddings. It depends on the type of look you want. Medium hairstyles are ideal for feminine looks. Brides of all ages can choose this haircut for their special day. This length is easy to wear as a school-girl, as a working woman and as a romantic bride. There are many benefits of wearing medium-length hair at your wedding. This seems to be the best haircut for romantic volume and stylish curls. Besides this, it is more practical and more fun than many other hairstyles and hair cuts. You can choose from a myriad of styles.

There is the classic straight based on a little layered to the end. This look works great for different face shapes. If you have a curly or wavy hair, you can straighten your hair using a flat iron. Press your hair till the ends and wear it in your own favorite way. It cab be a sideways upfront or a middle-part style. Layered hairstyles work fine for this hair cut. Ass two or three layers below your chin and curl them for a soft romantic look. Keep the curls away from your face in a swept backward hairstyle. This will help you obtain a natural breezy look and feel. For a casual wedding, use lots of layers. You can curl your hair in various ways, depending on the frame you wish to create for your face.


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