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Bridal hairstyle plays a significant role in your overall look. The big day is rapidly approaching and you haven’t found yet the right hairstyle and accessory for your wedding. Those who want a classic bridal look usually choose a traditional long or shorter veil. But the modern bride who wants more exclusivity can make her choice from a wide diversity of hair clips, flower combs, feather fascinators and sparkling headbands. The idea of wearing a glamorous headpiece instead of a standard veil seems more flattering for the contemporary bride who has a different image and vision of their wedding day. 2012 brides are less traditional than they ever were.

This means that they are more willing to follow a unique look and embrace a trendier style. Flowers can help you obtain a chic special look without breaking completely with tradition. Flower hair clips are romantic choices for sentimental brides, especially for those who are planning an alfresco wedding. You can use fresh or fabric-made blooms, depending on your preferences. But the best news is that you can plan your hairpiece yourself. This is a lovely and fun DIY project any talented bride can assume for her wedding. You just need to find the right style to go with your wedding dress, wedding formality and overall theme of the event.

Bridal Flower Hair Clips

Bridal Flower Hair Clips (Photo by: Faylyne)

When working with silk or fabric blooms you can enjoy more freedom of color and size. Your hair flowers can be as big, as ruffled and colored as you wish! Don’t hesitate to opt for a more dramatic look! You will look sensational and one of a kind. There are many flower hair accessory options for a modern bride. You can choose a hair fascinator based on a big bloom or on a design that also features feathers. Flower wreaths are also very trendy. They were popular during the Victorian era and now it seems that they’re back in vogue. Bohemian brides and those who are having an eco-friendly inspired wedding outside the doors can easily follow this lovely style. Fresh flowers & vines make a perfect combination for a nature-inspired wedding booked for an open field or meadow.

We like flower hair clips based on fabric blooms and leafs because they are more practical and more durable. The bride doesn’t have to spend the entire day minding about the flowers on her head, checking if they are still fresh or wilted! Silk floral hairpieces are also inexpensive choices for the bride on a budget. Flower bridal hair clips are can be ordered or made with many months ahead the big day. They don’t need special storage or water. Besides this, you can keep them after the wedding as a nice souvenir or memento of your big day!


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The wedding bouquet is an important part of a bride’s attire. The bouquet should always match the wedding dress and the style and theme of the event. Brides should choose a wedding bouquet that reflects her personality and style. Wedding bouquets come in all styles and colors – there is a perfect bouquet for every bride.

The most beautiful and elegant bouquets are considered to be all white wedding bouquets. This is the most popular choice among brides. All white wedding bouquets express purity, simplicity, innocence, humility, elegance and beauty. White is associated with a new beginning, with light and perfection. An all white wedding bouquet will compliment the beauty and elegance of the bride and do not overshadow the wedding dress.

All White Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquet from

Like their name reveals, all white wedding bouquets are made of white flowers. But white is not always white. Flowers come in different shades of white: pearl white, paper white, cream white or ivory. You can choose the white you like, depending on the shade of your wedding dress: it either can match your dress or it could be a contrast to it. Almost every flower comes also in white, so it shouldn’t be a problem to make an all white wedding bouquet out of your favorite flowers.

A traditional and classic white wedding bouquet works great in all seasons and adds some grace and elegance to a casual wedding. All white wedding bouquets are not liked by all brides. Some consider them to be plain and boring and they believe that the bouquets will not show up against the dress and that it will look flat in the photo. It is however a matter of personal taste. If you like all white wedding bouquets do not be afraid to choose one. It is your wedding day and it’s only important what you like. All white wedding bouquets can be made out of all flowers. The most popular white flower used in a wedding bouquet is calla lily.

All White Wedding Bouquets

All White Wedding Bouquet from

Calla lilies are beautiful and elegant flowers and a great choice for a wedding bouquet. White roses can also be a good pick for your. An all white roses bouquet is timeless and expresses beauty and grace. If your wedding is in spring you could have a tulip bouquet. Simple yet elegant, tulips are just wonderful. For a summer wedding chose hydrangea. These big flowers with many petals are very elegant and a great choice for formal but also for more casual weddings. In autumn and winter white roses or calla lilies should be chosen for the wedding bouquet.

All white wedding bouquets enhance the beauty and elegance of your wedding dress without using a certain color. They are a classic and traditional choice, always in style. It brings out your femininity and do not distract the attention of the guests. Choosing a beautiful all white wedding bouquet you are guaranteed that all eyes will be on you – the bride. You can find such a lovely bouquet at every local florist.11

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Wedding cakes are of different styles and sizes, according to the taste and budget that the young couple has at its disposal. Your decision to decorate the wedding cake with flowers is a popular option for many brides and grooms. Their wedding cake is going to be tasty and beautiful at the same time. Flowers offer us many sweet memories, and the cake itself used to be sweet and tasty. This combination of cake and flowers is a lovely idea. Your florist and your wedding cake baker have to collaborate in order to find the best wedding cake decoration for you.

Your experts will help you decorate your cake with edible and fresh wedding flowers.This is an excellent alternative choice to artificial flowers, and the types of flowers you may use for your cake are various. First you have to pay attention to the style of the chosen bouquet. And please don`t use toxic or poisonous flowers! There are a few of them, so try to be careful! But most of them are safe to use for wedding cake decoration, and the florists know them all. Your wedding cake decoration must match the rest of the flower arrangements used during the wedding ceremony. You may use special holders for your cake or insert them directly into the cake. Your florist will find the perfect solution for a nice looking wedding cake decoration. Trust him or her, these people are usually talented and they love their work and are good at it. You`re going to be one of their most satisfied customers.

Rose is a flower that is commonly used to decorate wedding cakes. But you may use Petunia, Orchid, Daisy or Tiger lily flowers as well . All of these flowers are adorable and elegant for a cake decoration and at the same time affordable in what concerns your wedding budget. Crystallized edible flowers are another popular option for you. Some types of edible flowers may be used in this case such as roses, calendula and chrysanthemum flowers. But only their petals are edible!

How can you decorate your cake with flowers? There are few possibilities that need to be considered when trying to find a solution. You may put them on top of the wedding cake with a corsage flower arrangement. You may place them between the tiers of the wedding cake. You may create your tiers from flowers. You may use a nice cascade from the top tier of the cake to the bottom. And you may use flower petals on your cake as a decoration. Your flowers will offer your wedding cake a beautiful look. Your cake is going to be so alive and fresh! But I have another important suggestion for you concerning your wedding cake decoration. If you have decided to decorate your cake with flowers, you have to pay attention to an important aspect: you have to use a predominant flower from your bridal bouquet. Harmony is an important issue in flower arrangements. If you the into account the advice that you have received from your flower specialist, your wedding ceremony will be just perfect! You just have to follow some basic rules concerning wedding planning.

I believe that you are going to like it and your wedding guests as well. The floral cake toppers are more and more popular today due to their beauty and elegance. They offer your cake a romantic atmosphere. Feel free to search for the best flower experts, contact them online, and place your order. Search for wedding cake styles such as romantic, tropical or elegant styles. All of them might be a good choice for you, just take your time to find them. And in case you can`t make your decision, just imagine yourself sitting by the wedding table and enjoying your cake with the groom and the other wedding guests. Which cake would be better as a future wedding cake for you? The beautiful pictures on the Internet will help you make a decision.

I think a two tiered white wedding cake with beautiful yellow roses would be so captivating! What do you think? Your creativity must be endless, as it is Your wedding ceremony and it is Your wedding day. People are going to focus on your wedding cake. Make it tasty!11

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