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Weddings seem like extremely expensive affairs for those who have a small budget to work on. Fortunately, you guys can enjoy more freedom in selecting the amplitude, formality, location and decorations for your wedding. You can use many efficient ways to cut down the wedding costs. There are many items you can buy for less. Or, you can choose alternatives to traditional flowers, food, music and other important ingredients of a wedding so that you can afford to host this event properly.

The bride is not willing to sacrifice the style and elegance of her wedding dress by buying something cheap. But when you are really short on money, any alternative may seem profitable. We’re not asking you to borrow your dress or to shop in vintage stores, but to look for a discount model. If you’ve just got engaged, use this period until your big day to look for a beautiful wedding dress at discounts. Many bridal saloons have discounts at dresses released a year ago. You can shop for your wedding dress in winter if your wedding occurs in spring or summer and find a unique dress at a good deal. Discount wedding gowns are possible.

Discount Bridal Dresses

Discount Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Anthony van Dyck)

This is not just a dream you can fool yourself with. But in order to succeed, you need to watch the stores and their sales. Ask in advance if there is going to be any discount at the dresses they have in store. Or, you might as well search online. The internet is full of affordable sales for older dress models. You may even get the luck to find a designer wedding dress at a discount price! Many brides today decide to sell their dress after the wedding. After all, why keep the gown locked in the closet when you can sell it and make a profit out of it! Think about the other brides who also deserve a beautiful look for their wedding. Don’t resign yourself to spending a fortune on an expensive wedding dress because you can pay only a half of the retail price at seasonal sales. As we said before, you need time and a little planning to do this.

Start shopping early and do this as often as possible. Off season sales are usually more affordable, as the vendors are trying to make space for new models of the upcoming season. It doesn’t matter what designers they have in store. They are obligated to put up for sale the old models they have in store and replace them with new fashions. Browse through different bridal stores and collections until you find a last season dress that can fit your figure and expectations. If the dress is big, have it resized at a local seamstress for cheap.


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For many brides of today, their dream wedding evolves around a fancy couture wedding dress. The vision of the perfect wedding is based or depends on the perfect wedding dress. Modern brides find it easier to shop for their ideal gown in a designer’s collections. It’s easier but more expensive than to opt for an off the rack dress from a local store. But our brides are aware of the additional cash they must pay for an outstanding wedding dress and this is why many save for this field with many years in advance. Designer bridal dresses are easy to find and love by any bride, no matter how pretentious she may be.

A large beautiful wedding dress selection can be found at David Bridal’s. This brand has many collections of wedding dresses, especially for destination brides. We make this recommendation because the dresses these designers sell are cheaper than others. Even those who have a really small budget can find something unique to afford at David Bridal’s. Besides this, the models they have are available in numerous sizes. So, even the most exigent bride should be able to spot a model to fit her figure and flatter her personality. But most of all, you will enjoy a great shopping experience while browsing through David Bridal’s portfolio.

David Bridal Dresses

David Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Just Wedding)

This designer also has stylish bridal accessories you can consider for your big day. The additional services offered by this company can help even the less experienced bride to find a dress on her taste and budget. Their collections are highly inspiring, so it would be impossible not to find something to suit your wedding. We’ve decided to promote David Bridal’s collections because these guys have a dress to fit any style preference and budget. Finding an affordable wedding dress designer can be tough these days. Brides are used to get scared by the high price tag of dresses signed by Vera Wang, Pronovias or Oleg Cassini. This is why finding a couture silhouette to fit a tighter budget may seem impossible to many women.

But at David Bridal’s dreams become reality even for economical brides. You can shop for really affordable silhouettes made in ruched charmeuse and fathered skits, colored satin gowns with front splits, gossamer drop waist models with floral appliqués, organza and tulle silhouettes, Cinderella inspired dresses in tulle and beaded embroideries and belts, Mikado dresses with draped bodices and rose ornaments, etc. These are just a few inspiring models to find at David Bridal’s. If you want to look like a diva on your wedding day, have a celebrity inspired dress. Look for Kate Middleton, Wynonna Judd or Priscilla Chan inspired silhouettes. These stars have inspired some of most beautiful David Bridal’s wedding dresses.


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Brides dream of their wedding day ever since they are small kids. In some cases, the little girl starts saving money for her wedding dress so that she can afford a beautiful model when she will become a real bride. This is not the situation of all women, however. Many brides of today are limited by a small budget that doesn’t allow them to make an expensive purchase. We can nowadays talk about many economical brides looking for cheap yet attractive wedding dresses.

The wedding dress is the most important item in a bride’s life. She needs to make this purchase ahead, with care and precaution. A wedding dress can be expensive if the bride’s expectations are high. We’re not asking you to settle for less, but it would be wiser of you to look for simpler models that you can really afford. We know many women on a budget who end up falling in love with a gown that’s way up their price tag! It’s not even recommended to shop in expensive bridal saloons or look into famous designers’ collections. You can look for discounts if you like, but never enter a couture store when you’re short on money.

Inexpensive Bridal Dresses 16w

Inexpensive Bridal Dresses 16w (Photo by: Just Wedding)

You can get discouraged by the high prices and never settle on a cheap wedding dress. So, before going shopping, we suggest you calculate the exact amount of money you can afford to spend on the gown. This should help you ask the store on the models they have that fit your price range. Examine them first and if you can’t seem to find anything to like or fit, ask for other models a bit more pricy. Perhaps you can afford to make a few more compromises just to be able to buy the dress of your dreams. Vintage-inspired brides should not have any problem with shopping in thrift stores and upscale consignments. They usually have beautiful old-fashion dresses that have been worn before by other brides.

Make sure that the model you like is not too damaged to be repaired. Look in prestigious consignment boutiques because they never bring in dresses with many holes or raptures that can not be fixed. See if the dress fits your size or if it needs a little bit of alteration. Calculate the extra money you have to pay to resize the dress and see if it’s worth it in the end. If you are not the biggest fan of second-hand and pre-worn wedding dresses, consider choosing a simple wedding dress based on clean soft lines. Pick a lightweight fabric and ask a seamstress in your family or neighborhood to make you a comfy and elegant dress for your wedding. This should help you save more for the wedding budget.


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The magic of Christmas is simply irresistible. Even those who are planning a wedding in winter choose to wed on Christmas holydays. This time of the year is perfect for marriages because it is full of precious decorations, festive garlands and joyful traditions. Planning a wedding on a Christmas day or around this date is definitely an inspired choice for those who are big fans of winter holydays. The bride can come up with many ideas on how to incorporate this theme in her wedding. She can even decide to wear a Christmas inspired wedding dress!

What do you think of this idea? We find it crazy and fun. We can’t think of anything more original for a winter bridal look. But how can a wedding dress reflect the uniqueness of Christmas you may be asking yourself. Well, it’s very simple. Come to think about it, Christmas is the time for colorful decorations and sparkling items. You can get inspired from this holyday’s specific colors and tonality when choosing your wedding dress. If you can’t find anything thematic out there, buy a white dress with a regular cut and adorn it at home with a few magical elements. You can add a red sash around your waist and tie it with a big bow at the back. This should definitely make you feel like a Christmas princess bride.

Christmas Bridal Dresses

Christmas Bridal Dresses (Photo by: E'Lisa Campbell)

Choose an A-line gown with a lavish skirt. To look even more thematic, sew a special red type of embroidery at the neck or on the skirt. Your dress can feature a red flower fascinator or a red trim. It’s not mandatory to be a red accent. But red, green and blue colors are more representative for winter season affairs than anything. Nevertheless, if you want to be a glamorous bride, we suggest you consider a metallic tone. Silver and bronze are perfect color accents for a white wedding dress. Those who are getting married on the New Year’s Even can replace silver with gold and look more shimmering and glitzy. Many bridal gowns come with a strapless cut.

This is why you need to pay more attention to your purchase. In the best case you can find a dress with thin straps that can be worn with a shawl or sweater. We’ve seen many modern brides wearing strapless wedding dresses in winter with a matching bolero or coat. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to opt for a gown with long sleeves made of lace. This style is season-appropriate and also more elegant. Or, if you like the strapless style more you can choose to wear a pair of gloves in the color of the wedding theme. Wedding dresses with fur also look adequate for Christmas themed ceremonies.


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Not all couples who are getting married are young and restless. In many cases the bride is a second-time bride or an aged woman. Many mature brides are women who have decided to get married later in life, but in most cases they already come from another marriage. It’s not important if you’re an encore bride or just an old bride. The choice of the best wedding attire must be made with care and precaution in both cases.

Older brides are just as concerned about finding the right gown as a younger bride. In most situation, brides over 40 years are less drawn to the princess elaborated ball gown style. They prefer something simpler and chic instead. This doesn’t mean that your dress must be totally plain and completely out of any style or elegance. You must find an outfit to make you feel your best on the big day. Getting married later in life or the second time is a blissful time for anyone.

Bridal Dresses For Older Brides

Bridal Dresses For Older Brides (Photo by: Costin Thampikutty)

The age, the personality and the social status surely matter, but they are not decisive factors when it comes to making the final selection at this point. Nowadays, more than ever before, the contemporary bride has the chance to find a lot of unique dress styles for an older age. Many bridal dress designers decide to create a few beautiful models for mature brides in their collections. So it shouldn’t be that hard to find a style to like. There are etiquette rules regarding the type of wedding dress that is socially accepted for the older bride. But if you are not a traditional couple you can ignore the old-saying and mind your own heart. Young girls usually decide to go for an extravagant wedding dress in pure white. On the other hand, mature brides seek more simplistic dresses that still look tasteful and stylish.

There are a few guidelines you guys can follow when selecting the most age-appropriate and fashionable outfit for your wedding. Marrying over the age of forty requires a more delicate type of dress. Brides of age are more pretentious and exigent with the cloths they wear. Those who have passed their twenties are often considered “old brides”. This is why in most cases people think that strapless wedding dresses are not appropriate for mature women. Sleeveless styles with high necks or elegant cuts seem easier to accept as the next best alternative. The models with long and short sleeves are the first styles out old brides think of when it comes to their wedding. Silk and taffeta are also the fabrics favored by mature brides. These are flattering materials that can suit different body shapes and personalities. Shiny satins, chiffon and tulle seem more appropriate for younger brides.


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Sheath wedding dresses are not appreciated by many women. This style may be difficult to understand by voluptuous women who are only used to wearing form fitting dresses with a very deep décolletage and a sleek slim skirt. On the other hand, there are those relaxed brides who enjoy more a comfortable wedding dress with a simple cut. If you find yourself in this category, you can look into J. Crew’s portfolio. This designer is one of the most popular and estimated in the field of nonchalant wedding dresses for modern commodious brides.

There are girls who love J. Crew’s creations and girls who find them rather boring and totally unflattering for tier wear. We know many brides who simply don’t get the appeal or purpose of this designer’s gowns. His cloths seem plain without any detail to cling your eye onto. But this precise simplicity is the thing that makes his dresses so unique and distinctive. Those who are into bohemian styles and hippie looks will surely love the silhouettes proposed by J. Crew. This retailer has one of the most beautiful collections of bridesmaid dresses. You should visit his website and browse through both bridal and bridesmaids lines. J. Crew’s wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses are not for formal weddings, but for casual affairs.

Jcrew Bridal Dresses

J. Crew Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Louise McLaren)

If you are one of those brides who are planning a beach or outdoors wedding, check out his collections. Those who are having a cathedral or ballroom wedding should try something different for their ceremony. J. Crew wedding dresses are designed especially for sandy shores and alfresco venues. You can buy different colored dresses for your bridesmaids from this designer’s collection and add more vibrancy to your wedding. Besides this, your girls’ colorful gowns will also enhance your simple white dress and make you feel like a real goddess. You can select gowns in navy, yellow, green and pink for your bridesmaids if the wedding occurs on a beach, coast or island. One can easily observe the excellent quality of J. Crew’s gowns. There are many boutiques and bridal saloons out there that sell this designer’s creations.

Nevertheless, you should know that this couturier has very pricy stuff. But we think that those who really appreciate the simple type of sophistication in a wedding dress will find this worth it. J. Crew’s wedding dresses are based on soft clean lines, natural cuts and minimal fussiness. The majority of silhouettes falls to the floor and come with a strapless or sleeves neckline. Those of you who want to wear something knee-length can find pretty styles under $500! The most exciting thing about this designer’s gowns is the fact that they can be worn again on different occasions, especially the bridesmaid gowns.


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Little girls dream of dressing like a bride since fragile ages. If you have a daughter from a previous marriage of other little girl toddlers in your family, you can have them play this role in your own wedding. Women think of their wedding day ever since they are small kids. Besides this, many fantasize of dressing like a princess on their big day. You can make this dream come true for the little girls in your family. They will surely appreciate your gesture and remember your wedding for the rest of their lives.

Dressing a girl like a bride is surely a thoughtful idea for brides who have little sisters and can’t make them their bridesmaids. Junior bridesmaids must have at least ten years old. But you can make your girls flower girls! These roles are extremely beautiful and easy to ply. It’s fun to be the flower girl at a wedding ceremony. All you need is a fancy dress and a beautiful basket of flower petals to scatter around the church’s floor as the bride marches down the aisle. Selecting the most adequate dress for a flower girl is undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable tasks for you to solve as a bride

Bridal Flower Girl Dresses

Bridal Flower Girl Dresses (Photo by: S.Su)

This can offer you the opportunity to take a break from the serious planning you’ve been doing so far. Take your bridesmaids out to shopping in search of the perfect attires for all the female ladies involved in the wedding party. It will be nice for you to take the flower girl to ask her opinion about the color and type of dress she prefers. Do so if the girl is into fashionable things and has her own principles and beliefs in this field. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is a dress that suits the wedding formality and the color scheme of the event. In most cases, little girls want to dress in princess gowns and play a role in a magical fairytale.

Nothing far from your own dreams, right? Make this wish come true for the flower girl by choosing something lavish and romantic for her wear. You can buy her something white or off white, depending on the formality and theme of the ceremony. Flower girls and junior bridesmaids look divine in white dresses. They also add more beauty and naturalness to the wedding photos and enhance the beauty of the bride. Firstly, you have to decide on how many flower girls you should have at the wedding. Some brides have one or two, while others prefer to invite more girls to make the wedding party bigger and more impressive. Make sure that you choose similar dresses in different sizes to accommodate their tiny figures.


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The wedding dress is the most beautiful dress you must ever wear. Brides are aware of the exclusivity of this occasion and this is why they are trying their best to make the right choice. Every woman deserves that perfect look for her wedding day, regardless of age or body shape. We know that full-figured brides are in general more pessimistic when it comes to looking for the ideal gown to fit their sizes. But you should not fret or worry about this aspect. The market of wedding dresses is filled with unique designs that can suit more or less corpulent women.

There are gowns designed especially for those with a few extra pounds. Finding the right model to suit a full-figure bride may be more overwhelming for those who are no used to shopping very often. But this is your most important day, so make sure that you make time to handle this subject. You don’t have to go out the next day and stat shopping around your local stores. Do your homework first and discover more about your body shape. It’s advisable for all brides to learn more about their type of silhouette first and then look for a gown to suit them properly.

Plus Size Bridal Dresses

Plus Size Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Katherine Fries)

There are models designed exclusively for those who have wider shoulders or hips or simply a bigger waist. There are dresses cut to flatter any type of figure, so don’t panic at the thought that the perfect wedding dress for you has not been invented yet. Many full-figure brides get discouraged after shopping around a few wedding boutiques in there are. It’s true that the options may be more limited for plus-size brides. But if you already know this, it would have been wiser of you to save more for this field and afford to have a custom-made dress for your big day. There are many designers out there who can make you look like a diva! They have many tricks they can use to contour your silhouette and enhance your best traits. Plus size wedding dresses come in a wide variety of styles, from classic to traditional and modern.

Your gown can be sleek, fluid or molded on your figure. As we said before, knowing your body shape is the key to success. Search more info about the type of figure you possess and then look for those gown styles that can offer you both elegance and comfort. Plus size brides want to feel confident in the gown they wear. Pear-shaped body brides usually have wider hips than shoulders. Apple-figure brides are more voluptuous due to their big breast, hips and tummy. Triangle-shaped brides have smaller hips than shoulders. Whatever you choose, stay away from elaborated gowns with intricate details.


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Brides of today are no longer conservative and traditional. They all want to look unique and outstanding at their wedding. And it’s practically impossible not to find a gorgeous style to help you express your distinctive personality and taste in fashion! Brides who are seeking for nontraditional wedding dresses can consider the Gothic style. This theme is ideal for offbeat brides who want to have an unconventional wedding. The Goth theme is whimsically romantic and dark, yet elegant enough to fit the formality of a wedding ceremony.

There are many issues to consider at this point, anyway. The first and most important thing when planning a Gothic wedding is to check out with the church if you are allowed to wear a black or colored gown at the ceremony. Many brides and grooms of today decide to incorporate the religious factor in their wedding. This means that a church wedding implies a dress code to respect and honor. Make sure that the minister or priest agrees with your desired attire. Gothic wedding gowns may be indeed too pompous and eccentric for a religious ceremony. But it doesn’t have to be a full black gown. It can be a black & white dress based on a classier cut. Red is another common accent used in many cases for Goth bridal gowns.

Gothic Bridal Dresses

Gothic Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Photo Editing Services

These types of gowns can surely help a nontraditional bride showcase her distinct fashion sense and make a bold statement at her wedding! You can get inspired for a superb Gothic dress to fit your big day from the internet. There are many online websites that have references and pictures of Gothic wedding gowns for brides who are interested in this style. Brides who are after this look have in general bold personalities and a string character. If we are to follow the history of Gothic wedding gowns we will discover that the origins of this type of wear are in Victorian eras. This was the time when women dressed up in black and dark colored gowns, especially at mourning.

Brides who didn’t want their gown to be a cliché could choose a black, purple or dark red color for their wedding dress! This was like a revolt to all those extravagant and colorful dresses of the disco eras of the ‘70s and ‘80s. There were two main trends of Gothic wedding dress during the Victorian era: one based on rich velvet and lace gowns, and one based on laced corsets and long gloves. These styles exuded the mysterious religious themes of that time. The ball gown style with rich embroideries and shiny embellishments is still trendy nowadays, as well as corset silhouettes, without the frills and big sleeves specific to that era.


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Jewish couples usually prefer a traditional wedding based on a cultural practices, customs and accessories. It’s customary for a Jewish bride for instance to follow the traditional type of wear when it comes to choosing her wedding dress. There are a few traditional etiquette guidelines to follow when choosing your bridal ensemble for a Jewish ceremony. In most cases, a Jewish woman’s dress code is based on the “Tznius” law. It is a translation from Hebrew, which means “modesty”. Everybody knows that Jewish brides and women in general are to dress up in simple elegant clothes.

There are Jewish sects that may have different etiquette and dress codes for wedding dressing. It’s obvious that the length of skirts and sleeves vary from one region to another. Orthodox brides in general are required to dress up in a more conservative style for their wedding. The levels of modesty of a Jewish bride are different in each group in part. Nevertheless, in all cases the Jewish bride must cover her hair and wear a decent dress. Modern Jewish can respect all or only some of these dress code requirements, depending on the region they come from.

Jewish Bridal Dresses

Jewish Bridal Dresses (Photo by: ChicagoGeek)

Many designers make use of modern color schemes and chic designs for modern Jewish bridal gowns. There are many other influences that can be seen in a Jewish wedding dress of today, influences that can sometimes come even from nonreligious cultures. The color of the Jewish wedding dress is very important. It holds a special significance to the bride and the entire community. These people care very much for their old traditions and this is why they are doing their best to hold on to them and include as man of them in their wedding. If you want to plan a traditional Jewish wedding and look like a real Jewish bride, we suggest you vote for a white wedding dress. The groom too usually wears a white outfit.

White is the color of spiritual purity and joy for Jewish people. The white dress of the bride reflects the purity of her heart. It wouldn’t be appropriate to wear a brightly colored gown or an outfit based on bold splashes of color. The white clothing of the couple also represents the couple’s rebirth as newlyweds. Blue is another color important to Judaic people, as King David used blue as a royal color. This nuance can be often spotted on Jewish wedding invitations and on the marriage contract. One can also select blue as an accent color for the wedding décor. The tradition of bridal veils in Judaism began when Rebecca –the wife of Isaac wore one at her wedding as a sign of modesty, femininity and submission to her husband.


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