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I'm Ana - or so I have been told, and I am here to provide you with the ultimate dazzling news and debates on everything related to weddings. You know how it goes: the shoemaker has no shoes to wear... The same thing is true for me: the wedding dresser gets dressed up in all kinds of non wedding-dresses! Otherwise, pretty much informal, vintage and susceptible of no comma.

Every woman wants to look unique and superb at her wedding. It’s a natural wish for both young and mature brides. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or second-time wedding. It’s even less important if you’re tall or petite, slim or overweight. The only thing that counts is your happiness. Brides are difficult to please when it comes to wedding attire and accessories. They are pretentious and picky at this chapter. And it seems only natural to be so! There is no other greater day than the day of your wedding.

Experts in field say that modern brides should not exaggerate with their makeup, hairstyle or gown. It’s wiser to stay close to your real nature and choose a style that first and reflects your personality. Stay true to your style and pick a dress that flatters your body. Assessing your figure is an important task for you as a bride. Do this before going shopping. It will help you determine the right dress size, shape, length and color. To avoid a long, tiring process of shopping you can note a few dress models you would like to see. Instead of trying on hundreds of dresses in search of the one, do your homework and learn more about different types of body shapes and bridal gowns. Our specialists in field have a list of dresses that are suited for brides with specific body types you can browse through.

Bridal Wear Dresses

Bridal Wear Dresses (Photo by: Just Wedding)

Define your body and then seek for a gown that fits your silhouette. Avoid feeling stressed and overwhelmed by learning more about your body and the dress styles that flatter your figure. Let’s take the pear shape for instance. This shape refers to brides who have wider hips than their shoulders. The best dresses that fit this silhouette are those based on a high waist. An empire waist gown will conceal the large part of your body and enhance the smaller one. Choose a V-neck for a better result. Or, you can go for a simple strapless dress with an A-line shape for a traditional look. Ball gown wedding dresses are also recommended for brides who want to keep the focus on the neckline and disguise the lower part of their body.

Corset and draped dresses also flatter this shape. Pear-shaped women should avoid dresses that are bulky at the waist. Rectangle-shaped brides have an undefined waist. They can try an A-line or empire waist silhouette with a corset back or a V-shaped silhouette. Capped sleeves and wide necklines can make your waist look narrower. Triangle-shaped brides have wider shoulders than hips. They look good in bias and straight cut dresses with halter and high-cut necks. Hourglass-shaped brides look stunning in mermaid and A-line dresses.


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Country inspired nuptials have become a big trend during the last few years. Many pairs choose to have a rustic themed wedding or follow the old flair of the American West. If you choose to embrace this style you will surely benefit of many surprises. Don’t worry about the feasibility of this theme. The market is full of unique decorative items, costumes and other wedding ideas you can buy or get inspired from for your big day. Western themed weddings are diverting and very enjoyable for both the newlyweds and their invitees.

This theme can be interpreted and used in different ways. Your wedding can be romantic, elegant, rural or redneck-inspired. You can start by choosing a nice venue to host your fun event. This theme is not related only to cowboy hats and boots. Besides this, couples of different ages and cultural backgrounds can assume this style. Western weddings are not just for older couples. When it comes to the bride’s attire, anything is possible. You can wear jeans and boots, or you can dress up in a more elegant style. There are many suitable western wedding gowns to choose from in this sense.

Bridal Western Dresses

Bridal Western Dresses (Photo by: Motohiko Tokuriki)

Compared to traditional nuptials, western themed affairs are more fun and relaxed. The groom must follow the same style adopted by his bride for his attire. There are specialty wedding boutiques and stores that offer western costumes for both the couple and their guests. These outfits can be purchased at a reasonable price. But if you can’t seem to find anything to match your taste, choose to make your own cloths for your western ceremony. If you know a talented seamstress, ask her to put together the dress sketches you’ve designed on your own. This way you can enjoy more freedom in choosing the colors, the fabrics, the lengths and embellishments.

Western style wedding dresses usually reflect the culture and their afferent period. These gowns are typically famous for those corsets and silk fabrics. We can mention the A-line silhouettes that focus on a small, delicate waist. In most cases, these dresses feature a train or end with a lace border. It was also popular for western brides to wear a gown with a bustle at the back. Crinoline dresses in white and cream nuances were also common choices back in the old days. Blue was a unique color often seen in original western bridal dresses. The bride who wants to adopt this theme knows that the dress will not be complete without the necessary accessories. A pair of white cowboy boots and a fashionable hat can do wonders. For a more romantic look, put on a pair of lace gloves to add more flair to your western attire.


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Choosing the most adequate dresses for your bridal attendants is crucial for brides who want to create a beautiful frame for their own look and ceremony. You can focus your choice on dress length, color or design. It depends on the type of wedding you’re planning. Assuming it’s a beach wedding, you need to keep in mind the weather, the specific of the venue and the theme you picked for the ceremony. Don’t choose anything until you haven’t discussed this yet with your girls. You need to ask for their opinions and preferences in this field before making any inappropriate decision. It’s your wedding day, but you must have their approval in this.

After all, they are the ones wearing the dresses and not you. Take into consideration the formality of the wedding before anything. When we think of beach ceremonies, we think of a casual atmosphere. The truth is that this is the main reason for why so many couples of today decide to get married on a beach or island. They can forget about tradition and other strict rigors that are related to the formal style and adopt a more carefree style. Beach nuptials are in general more relaxed, cozy and intimate. But your wedding can be as elegant and formal as you wish. There are many pairs who want a glamorous ceremony on a sandy shore.

Formal Beach Bridal Party Dresses

Formal Beach Bridal Party Dresses (Photo by: Sonya)

You can book a private beach and have a luxurious event. This type of wedding will surely cost you more than the usual. Returning to your subject, bridesmaids’ dresses for a beach wedding can be colorful and lightweight. But if you’re planning a formal celebration, you may be forced to adopt a more elegant style for their gowns. Keep close to natural fibers, such as cotton or organdy, but select long dresses. The full length silhouette is representative for the formal style. It can be a highly black tie affair or an ultra-forma event. For the second case you might as well consider tea length outfits for your girls.

Choose dark or pastel tones if you want to obtain a chic, dainty effect. Bright colors like hot pinks, yellows and oranges are ideal for casual or informal ceremonies. For a more formal look, consider ultramarine and navy hues. Sea greens, lavenders, lilacs, teals, blushes, corals, magentas, grays, turquoises, aqua blues, buttery yellow, beiges, ecru, champagne creams and ivories are just a few examples in this respect. Rich colors like fuchsia can fit a formal beach wedding if they are used for long dresses. Choose a simple design for the gowns and wear minimal jewelry. A gold bracelet would be enough for a glam and glitzy look. One-shoulder necklines and empire waist silhouettes with deep V-neckline are ideal selections.


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The most common dream of our brides is to wear a lavish wedding dress and look like a princess. We all fantasize about our big day since we were young. Many of us still think that a woman looks like a real bride when she wears a pompous white gown. This is not the only choice you have, however. Nowadays, the palette of dress styles for brides is extremely wide and diversified. One can choose from multiple designs, one more beautiful than the other. It just depends on what you’re looking for. In the end, sky is the limit, or your budget.

Money is the only thing that prevents you from buying a more expensive or sophisticated design. Those who are short on money can limit their choices to simpler designs or buy a pre-worn dress instead. If you have nothing against wearing a dress that has been worn before by another woman, then a consignment gown could be on your taste. You can start looking through local bridal saloons and see if they have anything that fit your price tag. If not, try entering a thrift store and browse through their models. You may be able to find a piece that matches your vision and budget.

Consignment Stores Bridal Dresses

Consignment Stores Bridal Dresses (Photo by: kf0nz1)

They might have cheap wedding dresses that can be remodeled. This is a good idea for those who know a seamstress who alter a bigger dress or cover certain areas with similar fabric. You might as well consider buying a simple dress and have it decorated by hand. This is another affordable option for those who want to wear something moderately priced yet unique. Consignment stores usually have the best quality in pre-worn wedding dresses. Their selection is a bit more refined. You can out your hopes and dreams in this alternative. Start the search as early as possible, so that you can find something to really like and fit. If none of these options help you, post a message in a magazine or on a bridal website to find a vendor.

Many ex-brides are selling their wedding gown at an attractive price. You can even find a designer dress that you can buy for cheap. If the dress is not your size, calculate the alternations and see if it’s worth it. If not, try to purchase a brand new dress that reaches the same price. Altering may be costing you a few hundreds dollars. It depends on what you need for your dress. We advise you to study the dress well before paying the money. Don’t buy a model that is completely compromised. The dress you like may contain stains and damages that are difficult or impossible to repair. Pay attention to discoloration and fabric ruptures.


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Older brides can be classified in two categories: pretentious brides and resigned brides. The first category refers at those women who want to wear something fashionable and elegant. The second category may refer at those who want something casual or traditional for their big day. One thing we do know for sure: older women are more mature and more exigent with the cloths they wear. This also applies for weddings and wedding dress. This field is of a great interest to our fashion designers of today. They feel challenged to create more beautiful and flattering models for the bride who is over 40 or 50.

These women should not be considered very old, however. Statistics show us that the average age of brides is around 30. Girls are not marrying at 20 these days. This is precisely why we can’t consider a 40 years old woman an old woman. It would be inappropriate to call them “old”, but more adequate to say “mature brides”. The taste of a 40 years old woman is surely more refined now. We can talk of women who have been married before. Second time brides who have passed their youth surely have more experience in field. They should be able to make their wedding dress selection easier or with more confidence. They already know what looks good on them and what not.

Mature Bridal Dresses

Mature Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Youssef Hanna)

There are dresses that flatter a certain category of age or figure that mature women are more aware of. This is precisely why we can say that brides who have passed their 30 are more specialized in this field. Not all women want the same dress or look for their wedding. But there is a general line followed by the majority of mature brides. They all want a bit more coverage for their wedding day, especially if it’s a formal church ceremony. Those who have been married before may not wish to wear the same dress style, but something different. And if the first dress was a strapless dress, you can now focus on a more decent model.

¾ sleeved wedding gowns are ideal for mature brides. The sleeves will add more elegance and formality to your look and also provide you with a more feminine flair. You might as well consider a high neck wedding dress without long sleeves. This style is more adequate for those who don’t want a too traditional look. Dresses that offer more coverage for the neck, shoulders and arms look more age-appropriate. This is precisely why so many women think of these styles when shopping for their wedding dress. The modern mature bride has more options in this field. Don’t wear a matronly style just because you don’t feel young and beautiful anymore.


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Did you know that the color of your hair can help you select a hairstyle that is representative for your personality? Brides can choose their hairdo for the big day based on the color, length and texture. These are a few of the many important factors of influence that a bride should take into consideration when making this selection. Blonde brides look different and require different hairstyles than black-haired brides. Blonde hair looks fascinating in braids and twists. Black-haired brides are more elegant when wearing their hair in curls or in a sleek up-do.

On the other hand, natural redheads can opt for a passionate or romantic look by wearing large waves or big locks. Let’s focus on black-haired brides. They say that up-dos are the most adequate selections for women who have a dark black hair. This style can be done in various ways. It can range from classy and elegant to fun and playful. It just depends on the type of wedding you’re having. The formality of the event should influence the level of elegance of your hairstyle. African-American brides are often seen wearing their hair straight at the wedding, but also in curls.

Black Bridal Hair Style Ideas

Black Bridal Hair Style Ideas (Photo by: Cyn Elena)

Braids are also natural choices for these brides. Choose the style that helps you enhance the beautiful features of your face and wedding dress. Long black hair is hard to grow, but it is one of the most delightful to play and style. Brides who have a long black hair can wear it down or opt for a regal style. If your wedding has an informal character, you can perhaps opt for a natural loose hairstyle. But it has a black tie feel, choosing a sleek up do seems more appropriate. Straight hair is in big trend these days. Nevertheless, the majority of brides prefer to curl it a little bit for their wedding and make it look more romantic. Give a feminine shape to your black hair by adding bohemian waves. It’s true that selecting the best look for your hair is confusing and overwhelming, giving the fact that there are so many options.

Wear your hair in long curls if you want a traditional look. Don’t make the curls too thick if you want a fun, flirty feel and look. Add a flower fascinator to it to make it look more romantic and expressive. If you prefer the long, straight and sleek style, consider wearing a head band. This piece will bring more sophistication and fanciness to your overall look. Wear your hair in a long ponytail if you want to enjoy more comfort and practicality during the day. The ponytail can be straight or textured, depending on your preference. Simple buns are great for formal weddings.


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It’s every bride’s dream to wear a couture dress at her wedding. We all want a unique look for our big day, so it seems only natural to think of a designer gown for your nuptials. There are hundreds of fashion designers who have dedicated their entire work on making dresses for brides and bridal party members. The list of brands is extremely long, so we picked only a few resounding names that you can check for more inspiration. Each designer has his own way of defining perfection in a wedding dress or interpreting the role and power of a dress in a bride’s life.

This is precisely why each designer bridal collection is different. Bridal dress designers can also be classified by style, by price, by standards and other criteria. There are brands and companies that create vintage wedding dresses for brides who love the exclusive old-fashion styles and designers who create only for the fashion-forward brides. There are dresses to fit pregnant brides, encore or older brides, destination brides, petite brides and other special categories. We can talk about classic and trendy styles, simple and glamorous, celebrity-inspired or custom-made, and so on. It depends on how each one of you sees her wedding dress.

Designer Bridal Dresses

Designer Bridal Dresses (Photo by: olly301)

We should start with Pronovias, for this company is one of the most expansive in the whole wide world. This is a Barcelona-based empire of wedding dresses that started as a family lace shop in 1922 in Spain. The team of designers creates multiple collections each year, for both brides and wedding attendants. Their silhouettes are special, unique and highly qualitative. These designers use crisp lace, intricate details and embroideries and form-fitted silhouettes from mermaid to sweeping ball gowns. You should also be able to find bridal accessory lines that offer shoes, purses and gloves for the happy bride. Romona Keveza is another famous designer who creates luxurious fashionable bridal dresses. She likes to use pastel and jewel tones in her gowns, such as gold, champagne or light blue. This designer also creates accessories for the bridal wear, such as ribbon belts and oversized flowers, lace overlays and lace necklines.

Rivini is our next recommendation for white sweeping wedding dresses inspired by flowers. If you want to look and feel organic on your wedding day, consider a lightweight Rivini dress for a timeless look. Reem Acra creates silk-satin embroidered wedding dresses based on detailed needlework and Swarovski crystal and pearl inserts. Any fashionable bride can recognize the unique beadwork of this designer. Romantic brides who love the vintage style can consider Claire Pettibone and her whimsical collections. We are big fans of her nature-inspired silhouettes as well. She uses Mother Nature as a source of inspiration for her floral, plant and vine detailed dresses.


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Preparing for the big day is a long exciting process for the bride and her bridal party members. There are many items to purchase, but nothing seems more important than the wedding dress. Nevertheless, the final touches are the ones that provide with added beauty and uniqueness. The hairstyle you choose for your big day is crucial for your overall look. The way you decide to do your hair will speak of your personality and taste in fashion. The hairdo should enhance your beautiful face, your dress and silhouette. This is why you guys need to allocate more time for this field.

Choosing the right hairstyle for your big day is a must. Try a simple & elegant design for a successful look. Instead of going pompous and elaborated, you might as well focus on a natural look. This style is trendy these days. Many women think that overwrought styles can attract more attention and provide them with an outstanding look. Perhaps a high up do can help your guests identify you easier, but this doesn’t assure you a beautiful look. It’s not mandatory to go over the top to obtain a unique look. Simple wedding hairstyles help the bride focus on their face and dress.

Bridal Hair Simple Style

Bridal Hair Simple Style (Photo by: Faylyne)

It’s more important to enhance the natural beauty of your face and splendid gown when choosing the perfect hairstyle. Choose a hairstyle that is both timeless and trendy. It has to look good on you and in photographs. It must suit your personality and the type of wedding you’re planning. Simple bridal hairdos always help avoiding wedding day hair disasters. Let’s see a few options. The French Twist works well with short and long bangs. It is a sleek hairstyle that enhances the beauty of your neck and fits a classy look. Start making your own French twist by creating a ponytail close to your head. Twist the hair and pin it to stay in place. Curl it to look more romantic or keep it straight for a simpler look. Both sleek and curled ponytails are in for this year’s weddings and simple bridal looks.

These hairstyles work best for medium to long length hair. To make your ponytail stand out, add a hairpin, a few flowers or a colored bow or a few flowers for extra embellishment. Braided hairstyles are twisted designs are all the rage. Braids and twists are always successful choices for long-lasting unique bridal hairdos. Single French braids work well for outdoors ceremonies. You can wear it with or without bangs. Circular braids are even trendier. They cover the entire surface of the hair in an elegant whimsical way. They are worn today by many Hollywood celebrities. Graceful waves and ballerina buns are other simple hairstyles to choose from.


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Weddings seem like extremely expensive affairs for those who have a small budget to work on. Fortunately, you guys can enjoy more freedom in selecting the amplitude, formality, location and decorations for your wedding. You can use many efficient ways to cut down the wedding costs. There are many items you can buy for less. Or, you can choose alternatives to traditional flowers, food, music and other important ingredients of a wedding so that you can afford to host this event properly.

The bride is not willing to sacrifice the style and elegance of her wedding dress by buying something cheap. But when you are really short on money, any alternative may seem profitable. We’re not asking you to borrow your dress or to shop in vintage stores, but to look for a discount model. If you’ve just got engaged, use this period until your big day to look for a beautiful wedding dress at discounts. Many bridal saloons have discounts at dresses released a year ago. You can shop for your wedding dress in winter if your wedding occurs in spring or summer and find a unique dress at a good deal. Discount wedding gowns are possible.

Discount Bridal Dresses

Discount Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Anthony van Dyck)

This is not just a dream you can fool yourself with. But in order to succeed, you need to watch the stores and their sales. Ask in advance if there is going to be any discount at the dresses they have in store. Or, you might as well search online. The internet is full of affordable sales for older dress models. You may even get the luck to find a designer wedding dress at a discount price! Many brides today decide to sell their dress after the wedding. After all, why keep the gown locked in the closet when you can sell it and make a profit out of it! Think about the other brides who also deserve a beautiful look for their wedding. Don’t resign yourself to spending a fortune on an expensive wedding dress because you can pay only a half of the retail price at seasonal sales. As we said before, you need time and a little planning to do this.

Start shopping early and do this as often as possible. Off season sales are usually more affordable, as the vendors are trying to make space for new models of the upcoming season. It doesn’t matter what designers they have in store. They are obligated to put up for sale the old models they have in store and replace them with new fashions. Browse through different bridal stores and collections until you find a last season dress that can fit your figure and expectations. If the dress is big, have it resized at a local seamstress for cheap.


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Every bride has her own vision of the perfect wedding day. This is why it’s difficult to say which style is more or less adequate for you. It depends on the way you interpret or define the ideal look for a wedding. There are classic, traditional, modern and vintage-inspired brides. There are petite, slim, full-figure, young, mature and encore brides. There are Asian, Greek and Indian brides. These are just a few examples of important differences that count when selecting the perfect theme or style for a wedding. We’ve decided to talk about Indian women today, or more precisely of brides who want to look like Indian brides on their wedding day.

This style is eccentric and incredibly unique. This is why so many European brides are considering it for their big day. There are many original things to steal from an Indian bride’s look. First of all, there is their traditional wedding dress and then their sophisticated makeup. Thirdly, you can get inspired from their unique hairstyle and jewelry. The Indian bride always has long hair. Or at least this is what we see in movies and fashion pictures. Those who have a short haircut usually decide to wear hair extensions, just to be able to obtain a more elaborated hairstyle for their special day. Most of wedding hairstyles of Indian brides are recommended for long hair. 

Indian Bridal Hair Styles

Indian Bridal Hair Styles (Photo by: Chantel Beam)

And these hairstyles are always sophisticated and grandiose. Whether it’s about basic up dos or flowing locks, Indian wedding hairstyle is meant to add more elegance to the overall ensemble of the bride. The hairdo these brides wear is supposed to complement the dress they wear. The traditional bun is the most common for Indian brides. We can refer here about the large buns based on tight and twist hair gatherings at the back of the hair. This hairdo may not be that appealing or interesting if it wasn’t for the flower and jewelry adornments. It’s customary for the Indian bride to be decorated with sparkling accessories from head to toes.

We love those beaded buns they wear and the extravagance they lend. For a more formal look you can choose a classic up do with a twist. This style is based on curled and pinned up hair. You can add different types of hair accessories to this style. Both long and medium-length haired brides can choose this style. For a trendier look you can go for side bun. This style is not suitable for all brides, however. But it can make a more modern approach on the traditional Indian bun. Those who have well-defined cheek bones can adopt this style for a lovely look. Indian brides with prominent eyes would also look amazing while wearing this hairdo.


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