The wedding bouquet is an important part of a bride’s attire. The bouquet should always match the wedding dress and the style and theme of the event. Brides should choose a wedding bouquet that reflects her personality and style. Wedding bouquets come in all styles and colors – there is a perfect bouquet for every bride.

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The most beautiful and elegant bouquets are considered to be all white wedding bouquets. This is the most popular choice among brides. All white wedding bouquets express purity, simplicity, innocence, humility, elegance and beauty. White is associated with a new beginning, with light and perfection. An all white wedding bouquet will compliment the beauty and elegance of the bride and do not overshadow the wedding dress.

All White Wedding Bouquets

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Like their name reveals, all white wedding bouquets are made of white flowers. But white is not always white. Flowers come in different shades of white: pearl white, paper white, cream white or ivory. You can choose the white you like, depending on the shade of your wedding dress: it either can match your dress or it could be a contrast to it. Almost every flower comes also in white, so it shouldn’t be a problem to make an all white wedding bouquet out of your favorite flowers.

A traditional and classic white wedding bouquet works great in all seasons and adds some grace and elegance to a casual wedding. All white wedding bouquets are not liked by all brides. Some consider them to be plain and boring and they believe that the bouquets will not show up against the dress and that it will look flat in the photo. It is however a matter of personal taste. If you like all white wedding bouquets do not be afraid to choose one. It is your wedding day and it’s only important what you like. All white wedding bouquets can be made out of all flowers. The most popular white flower used in a wedding bouquet is calla lily.

All White Wedding Bouquets

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Calla lilies are beautiful and elegant flowers and a great choice for a wedding bouquet. White roses can also be a good pick for your. An all white roses bouquet is timeless and expresses beauty and grace. If your wedding is in spring you could have a tulip bouquet. Simple yet elegant, tulips are just wonderful. For a summer wedding chose hydrangea. These big flowers with many petals are very elegant and a great choice for formal but also for more casual weddings. In autumn and winter white roses or calla lilies should be chosen for the wedding bouquet.

All white wedding bouquets enhance the beauty and elegance of your wedding dress without using a certain color. They are a classic and traditional choice, always in style. It brings out your femininity and do not distract the attention of the guests. Choosing a beautiful all white wedding bouquet you are guaranteed that all eyes will be on you – the bride. You can find such a lovely bouquet at every local florist.11

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