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It’s every bride’s dream to plan an expensive wedding and obtain a luxurious look for the event. But this dream is not easy to complete, especially when you are on a really tight budget. Things may seem impossible for those who have already spent a fortune on the venue, flowers, cake and favors. All parts of a wedding are important, or at least just as important as your wedding dress. You should not think that your gown is the only one to cost hundreds of dollars.

It’s true that nothing is more important in a wedding than the bride and her spectacular look. But you need to distribute the wedding expenses properly so that you can afford to buy something truly unique for less. Finding an inexpensive wedding dress can be very overwhelming and time consuming. But you are lucky because nowadays you can find many stores that offer discounts and cheaper alternatives to expensive gowns, more than ever before. Our fashion designers know that modern brides are dealing with financial issues and this is why they are willing to offer a wide diversity of styles for cheap. It doesn’t have to be a designer wedding dress.

Inexpensive Bridal Dresses

Inexpensive Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Shezamm)

It’s not necessarily to focus on couture and other famous celebrity gown styles. Keep your expectations high without crossing the limits of your imagination. Stay real and true to your budget and you will be able to find something to suit your taste and wedding. Start with a thrift store. If you are planning a vintage look for your big day, we suggest you consider wearing an old fashion model. There are many amazing boutiques out there that sell vintage and antique wedding dress at attractive prices. Look for a gown that can be remade of redesigned to suit your preferences and body shape. If you have a seamstress in your family, don’t hesitate to ask her to make the dress fit your figure and personality.

There are many ways to update a gown when the seamstress is talented. Or, you can ask someone who is skilled in this field in your local area to design you a dress from scratch or to make your own design. You should be able to find many brand new gowns at fabulous prices on the internet. There are many brides who sell their wedding dress. In most cases, these gowns have been worn once or twice at most. Search in consignment stores and choose a private seller who keeps the dresses in a perfect condition. No one should be able to tell that your dress is bought from a thrifty shop. You can even pick a simple white gown and tailor it to look like a wedding model.


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There is a category of brides who prefer a more decent type of dressing for their wedding. If you find yourself in this category, you will surely enjoy this article. We thought that it would be a wonderful idea to discuss about long sleeved wedding dresses and offer you a few concrete suggestions in this sense. We too are big adepts of this style and we think that it is a fabulous choice for a bridal dress. Long sleeves offer not only more coverage for the arms, but also more daintiness and femininity.

There are many other qualities of long sleeved wedding dresses we can list here. Among them, we appreciate the timeless beauty of long sleeved bridal gown. A pair of long sleeves can change completely the look of a dress. If the strapless neck is just too plain and popular for you, why not consider a long sleeved model? This idea seems very flattering for those who want to wear something formal and dramatically elegant at their wedding. There are many reasons for why a bride may choose a long sleeved model. First of all there is the full coverage it offers.

Bridal Dresses With Sleeves

Bridal Dresses With Sleeves (Photo by: Maegan Tintari)

Bashful brides who don’t feel comfortable showing off the skin on their arms at the wedding usually prefer to cover it. On the other hand, there is the traditional long sleeved dress style that suits the conservative bride who can’t imagine wearing something more revealing on her big day. In a third case, there are those brides who want a beautiful religious ceremony in a grand church. This means dressing up more decently and discreet, without exposing too much skin. This can be a strong reason for those who appreciate the religious factor and find it the essential of the entire wedding day! Beyond all these motifs, there is also the fact that wedding dresses with long sleeves have become very fashionable, again after a period of absence.

This style came back in trend and it seems that this time is here to stay among the other voguish designs. Kate Middleton has brought this type of wear back in fashion with her amazing wedding dress based on long sheer lace sleeves. This style can be interpreted in many ways. We see that it can behave in a royal manner and in a conservative way. It can be the expression of understated elegance, modesty and femininity. But it can also be a certificate of age. Many old brides choose to wear a wedding gown with sleeves. The models based on lace are the most romantic and elegant ones. It’s true that the long sleeves can add more maturity to a bride. There is something about this type of dress that is age-appropriate for brides over 40 years.


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Hunting for the ideal wedding dress is definitely a time consuming business. There is a lot of emotion and energy involved in this process also. But the modern bride is more relaxed and willing to make the best of the shopping process. She is more open minded and ready to embrace newer styles that she once thought inappropriate for her wedding. The majority of brides prefer a couture gown for their wedding. This is why many of them decide in the end to go for a designer wedding dress. Nevertheless, between the decision to wear a couture dress and the actual purchased of the dress is a big difference.

The impossibility of paying for a designer model can simply bring any one down. The high price can determine the negative answer of a bride regarding her favorite wedding dress. Everybody knows that designer wedding dresses are very expensive. Only those who have a big budget can afford such an expensive purchase, and perhaps those who are willing to make compromises. There is the contrary opinion that says that designer wedding dresses are a caprice for wealthy brides who don’t care for the fact that they will only wear the model once. It’s the biggest day of your life so we shouldn’t get stingy.

Vera Wang Bridal Dresses

Vera Wang Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Patricia Figueira)

The list of famous designer wedding dresses is long and diversity. Each designer has its own specific and each bride must choose the one that flatters her completely. This process is confusing and very overwhelming. And this is because all bridal dresses created today are spectacular and simply unique. We admit that a designer wedding gown can make you feel and look like a real diva. But it depends on the effect each one of you wishes to create. Let’s take Vera Wang for example. This couturier has a famous dress style that sometimes it’s easier to recognize, while other times it’s more complicated. It depends on the specific of each collection she creates. The last bridal collection is called “White” and it is a classic beauty. Not all modern brides want a fashion-forward dress for the ceremony, but a classier design.

If you like the whimsical and twisty style of Vera Wang, you should definitely browse through her pieces. Those who are into this designer’s timeless gowns should participate at one of her trunk shows to be able to see the dresses live. Many celebrities have worn her silhouettes. We have a few names for you: Mariah Cary in 1993, Jessica Simpson in 2002, Jennifer Lopez in 2004, Avril Lavigne in 2006, Khloe Kardashian in 2008, Ivanka Trump in 2009, Chelsea Clinton in 2010, LaLa Vazquez in 2010 and Alicia Keys in 2010. Each of these brides wore different Vera Wang silhouettes.


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It’s hip to be an unconventional bride and wear something shorter than the usual, did you know that? Nowadays, brides of all ages decide to opt for a unique wedding dress, one that can provide them with a more outstanding look. It’s natural to wish for more exclusivity when you’re a bride. This is your Big Day and nothing should keep you away from a spectacular look.

The modern bride has many options when it comes to short wedding dresses. There are many designs to choose from, some more provocative and others classier. Either way, the short bridal dress style is very chic, feminine and enjoyable. Those who want to look younger or simply more eye-catchy should definitely drop the floor length style and choose something shorter instead. Nevertheless, short wedding dresses are not for everybody. Only those who are willing to show off their legs can embrace this style. This is perhaps the most challenging thing to assume.

Trendy Short Bridal Dresses

Trendy Short Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Quinn Dombrowski)

Those who are more mature or have all kinds of inconveniences regarding the skin on their legs and feet may not respond positively to our proposal. But it’s not mandatory to be an above the knees length gown. Your dress can be as shorter as you wish. Start with the ankle length style and see if this one suits you well. Older women and those who are encore brides usually decide on calf and mid length styles. For a more vintage look we suggest you try the tea length style. Many brides of today are in for this style because it is trendy, chic and feminine. Tea length wedding dresses are versatile and fun to wear. They are definitely more comfortable and adequate for those who want to dance all day and night long! We enjoy short wedding gowns because they allow the bride to show off a little bit of leg and shoe. This is a wonderful thing, especially since our modern brides are such shoe addicts.

The majority of brides today prefer a unique couture pair of shoes for their wedding. The problem is that the shoes are never as visible as the bride would like them to be underneath a full length gown. So, those who are into designer shoes can consider a short dress for their wedding. The skirt can be A-line and simple, ruffled, pleated or even tight on the body. It doesn’t have to be a very wedding-like dress. How about wearing a Marilyn Monroe inspired short dress? There are many other silhouettes that you can choose from for a shorter gown. We like the models in black and white and we always recommend them to those who want an original old-fashion look for the ceremony and reception.


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Contemporary brides are very spoiled by our fashion designers. They are constantly releasing new models for the bridal wear and we have to admit that their creations are getting more and more beautiful and unique. It’s not a problem to find an original style for your wedding these days. The reality is different from the way things used to be a few decades ago.

Brides of today are more pretentious, and for good reason. They afford to be capricious and picky because the offer is very wide and diversified. There are unique gowns for any type of bride: formal, casual, semi-formal, vintage, classic, fashion-forward, etc. You can choose from a wide array of silhouettes, some more traditional, others more modern. There are many updates available for those who don’t want a classic A-line dress for example. The modified A-line gowns for modern brides look amazing. There are many derived styles that you can get inspired from for your own wedding. And you should definitely take more time to look for the ideal wedding dress design online.

Online Bridal Dresses

Online Bridal Dresses (Photo by: HARRY NGUYEN)

The Internet represents the biggest source of information and inspiration in this sense. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest more time in a little research. Many brides choose this path and the results are always great. It would be wiser of you to search online for the type of dresses you would like to try on for your wedding and then go shopping. It may be a big discrepancy between what you see on the internet and how those models really look in reality, but you can at least document yourself on the styles and designs that are available for your body shape. Learning more about your silhouette and the type of dress that suits you perfectly is a big must for any woman. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in this field. Even those who already know what they want for their wedding should allocate some time to do their homework.

We can assure you it will be of a big help for you. Those who are not aware of their figure assets and flaws might not be able to make the best dress choice for their wedding. And this is not the best time to play for a good look, but for the perfect look. The internet is full of pictures and information on different wedding dresses based on every single type of silhouette and figure. You can learn more about necklines, skirts, fabrics, lengths and colors. Besides this, you can browse through a wide range of couture wedding dresses signed by more or less famous fashion bridal dress designers. Every day you can find new bridal collections released for you own enchant.


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Brides of today decide to allocate more time for every single item of their wedding. They’ve realized that even the smallest details counts and make a big difference in the overall look of their wedding. Let’s take for instance the bridesmaids’ dresses. This is by far one of the most important subjects for a bride to solve. And to obtain satisfactory results, she needs to invest more time and energy in finding the most adequate outfits for the girls.

The bridesmaids play an essential role in the bride’s life. Besides the fact that they are the bride’s best friends and they deserve a special role in the wedding party, they are responsible for the overall look of the bride. And the bride herself must make sure that the bridesmaids are dressed properly for the type of wedding she’s planning. Don’t forget that your bridal look is influenced by the bridesmaids’ look. They are the elements of “décor” in your wedding pictures and this is why you need to invest more in their own look.

Bridal Dresses

Bridal Dresses (Photo by: Katherine McAdoo)

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be wise at all to choose too sexy attires for the girls. They will outshine your look and this is not something to strive for, isn’t it? Brides want what’s best for their bridesmaids, but the want the perfect look for their own. This seems like a natural wish, don’t you think? If we are to make a comparison between the trends available for bridesmaid dresses a few years a go, we would see that modern bridesmaids are dressed more voguish. They look more fashionable now and definitely more up-to-date when it comes to their gowns and accessories. This is due to the fact that the wedding trends are different now. The bride has no other choice than to update her own style and the rest of the wedding to suit the tendencies of the present moment.

Contemporary brides are often seen wearing white or off white short dresses. This is a risky business for brides who are not completely sure that they want their girls to wear the same color. White is the official color of the bride and thus no one should steal it from her. For some women it seems very awkward and totally inappropriate to choose the same nuance for the bridesmaids’ outfits. We confess that we are very fascinated by this style because it makes the wedding photos look more beautiful and romantic. The bride who is jealous on her friends should not go this way. But those who are confident in their skin and care more for the exclusivity of their wedding than for their own look will surely agree with following this style. Off white dresses always work for junior bridesmaids.


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When you’re a bride-to-be, everything seems beautiful and enjoyable, even planning an ample and sophisticated wedding! This is what love does! When you’re in love things always seem easier than they really are. The power of love is amazing and can transform hearts and lives. This is why we always accentuate the fact that brides and grooms should keep their mind on the importance of the wedding day when planning the ceremony and reception.

There is nothing more beautiful than planning this special day for you and your guests. Keep your mind and heart on the meaning of this day and try to keep close to things that are really relevant for this event. We love weddings filled with symbolism for instance. Don’t be a sober, stressed and nervous bride, but a happy and in love one! You will see that things are easier to handle when you’re in this mood. Even the elaborated process of shopping for your dress can become a pleasant experience if you just your heart free of preconceived notions and ideas.

Bridal Maid Dresses

Bridal Maid Dresses (Photo by: Brooke Anderson)

Shopping for your wedding dress is the moment you’ve been waiting for since you were a little girl, remember? So don’t allow bad emotions stand in way of this precious experience. Besides your own dress there are many other things to take care of for the wedding that you need to choose with precautious. Let’s take for instance the bridesmaids’ dresses. These types of outfits are very important for you, as a bride. You know that everything you select for your wedding is of a great importance. And the outfits for your girls have a direct implication in your overall look. The girls will be standing by your side at the altar. They will also be present in your most beautiful wedding photos, so making sure that their dresses are unique and wedding-suitable is a crucial aspect.

The role of the bridesmaid is complex and this is why you need to give more attention to the bridesmaids’ attire. Making the decision on the color, length, size, design, neckline, skirt and fabric of the bridesmaids’ dresses is never easy, especially now when the range of styles is so wide and diversified. There are many trends to take into consideration and browse through today at this chapter. If you want to go off the beat and choose something truly flattering for your girls, you can follow the mismatched style. This means choosing dresses of different colors, lengths and styles for each bridesmaid in part. Choose simple outfits that they can wear again, in other circumstances. Your friends will love you more for your wise choice and appreciate your wedding very much!


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One of the easiest ways to obtain an authentic bridal look is to opt for a long white veil. No one can deny that the wedding veil has a great influence on the look of a woman on her wedding day. This accessory has a great power over the bride and provides her with an elegant and formal look that is specific for these types of events. In fact, many people say that a woman is a bride only when she wears a white veil.

This is indeed the easiest way to recognize a bride, by her headdress. But is the bride of today happy or satisfied with this type of headdress for her big day? How many women of today still choose the traditional veil for their wedding attire? So, the first question for a bride who is planning her hair is to veil or not to veil! This is a personal decision, so we should not generalize in any how. The headpieces and sparkling hair accessories promoted today for the modern bride doesn’t help us recognize a bride or differentiate her among other female wedding guests, unless she wears a white gown. Hair accents and hair jewelries are among the trendiest pieces of adornment of a bride. But no one said that a bride can’t wear her favorite headpiece with a veil! You can have them both on your wedding day!

Bridal Hair Jewellery

Bridal Hair Jewellery (Photo by: Faylyne)

The veil can be attached to the comb or tiara you like. There are many styles to choose from, depending on the preferences of each one of you in part. We like sparkling bridal hair accessories because they illuminate the bride’s face and make her look more glowing, glamorous and fashionable at the ceremony. It’s important for a bride to draw more eyes to her beautiful face and hairstyle, and we think that she can do this with the right headpiece. The perfect hairpiece is the one that can captivate the attention of the guests and complement the bride’s overall look. Tiaras and headbands are very popular, especially those based on rhinestones. They are usually worn by conservative or princess brides.

This type of accessory can be as elaborated and tall as the bride wants. There are many other types of accessories that can replace the conventional tiara and help the contemporary bride achieve a trendier look, such as flower and vine wreaths, pearls and ribbons. These types of embellishments are easier to purchase. Rhinestone, bead and crystal headpieces are more affordable than those pieces based on precious and semi-precious stones. Make sure that the hairpiece matches the rest of the wedding jewelry you wear. If your necklace is already elaborated and the earrings bold, choose a lower headpiece, or vice versa!


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Wealthy brides who enjoy a big budget can wear two dresses at their wedding. This is the dream of very woman, but not all of them can afford to fulfill it. The money seems to be the only impediment in a bride’s life when it comes to choosing a glam and elaborated wedding dress or more outfits for the same day. But when the bride wants to make a statement and can’t settle for less, she will find a way to make compromises or sacrifice another wedding item of a lesser importance, just to be able to make her wish come true.

It’s no surprise to see that many economical brides wear unique designer gowns at their wedding. This is because they manage to cut a few wedding expenses here and there and choose the best deal. The modern bride is not satisfied with the thought of wearing a single dress at her wedding. The range of styles is so wide that our brides don’t want to choose only a single type of attire. They would like to wear all the beautiful dresses they see out there at their wedding. But this is not possible, so you should limit your options to one perfect option. Nevertheless, those who want a versatile wedding and enjoy more diversity during this special day can pick two types of outfits: one for the religious ceremony and another one for the reception party.

Bridal Reception Dresses

Bridal Reception Dresses (Photo by: cheriejoyful)

In many cases, the bride wants a church ceremony based on the religious factor and a fun party. These situations are not very alike and this is why the bride can’t find a dress to fit both these types of celebrations. A church or chapel wedding requires a more decent and romantic attire, while a cheerful reception calls for a more practical, casual and simple or sexy outfit. It depends on the theme you picked for your wedding. In this context, we find it wisely from a bride’s part to play with two outfits.

The wedding day is an ample event based on complexity and diversity and this is why it would be a good idea to change your outfits and pose differently based on the formalities of each ceremony in part. One just can’t show up at the wedding reception dressed up in the big fluffy gown she wore at the ceremony. The entire night will be compromise. You need something more discreet, more comfortable and sleek that can provide with more freedom of movement and attractiveness. If at the ceremony you need to act like a blushing bride, at the party you must adopt a more dramatic and seductive look. Your reception wedding dress can be white or colorful, depending on your taste. 


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There are a myriad of ways to choose a beautiful dress for your wedding. The wedding gown remains the most sought-after element of the bride’s attire. It is the centerpiece of a bride’s look and therefore the most difficult item to purchase. Making the final choice is always challenging for those who are not sure what style works best for their silhouette. The wedding dress should be selected by on the formality of the wedding and on your preferences.

There is no doubt in the fact that the bride should think first of the type of dress she would like to wear and then try to assort or adjust her taste to suit the style of the wedding she’s planning. Nevertheless, there are many women who decide to do things the other way around. Many brides fall in love with a gown before even deciding on the wedding theme and style. And they want that dress so much that they have to plan the entire event around the dress. The gown you pick must suit the venue and the season. It’s very important for those who are having an autumn wedding to select something of this nature.

Bridal Dresses For October

Bridal Dresses For October (Photo by: flippinyank)

Many of those who are planning a fall wedding decide to take the ceremony and the reception outside the doors. This is surely a flattering idea for those who love alfresco events. And if the weather is on your side, go for it! It’s essential in this context to find a gown to match the location and the time of the year. The perfect wedding dress is the one that features a unique cut and a practical feel. The modern bride is interested in the comfort factor more than anything. She wants her dress to be wearable, fluid and lightweight, even if she’s having an October wedding. This month is a really autumnal month and the weather is usually chillier. We say this because most fall weddings take place in September – which is a transitory month.

The weather during this month is always more indulgent, because the summer sun is still on the sky for a very long part of the day. So, if you want your wedding to feature an authentic autumnal vibe, we suggest you plan it in October. Your dress should be ready to face the cold tempts and the chilly wind. This is why experts in field recommend those models that cover the arms and perhaps the neck. Backless gowns are not an adequate selection, not even strapless silhouettes. But if you do like this style, make sure you have a matching shawl, bolero or jacket to cover your arms and shoulders. A long dress with sleeves based on lace can make a beautiful selection.


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