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The wedding bouquet is an important part of a bride’s attire. The bouquet should always match the wedding dress and the style and theme of the event. Brides should choose a wedding bouquet that reflects her personality and style. Wedding bouquets come in all styles and colors – there is a perfect bouquet for every bride.

The most beautiful and elegant bouquets are considered to be all white wedding bouquets. This is the most popular choice among brides. All white wedding bouquets express purity, simplicity, innocence, humility, elegance and beauty. White is associated with a new beginning, with light and perfection. An all white wedding bouquet will compliment the beauty and elegance of the bride and do not overshadow the wedding dress.

All White Wedding Bouquets

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Like their name reveals, all white wedding bouquets are made of white flowers. But white is not always white. Flowers come in different shades of white: pearl white, paper white, cream white or ivory. You can choose the white you like, depending on the shade of your wedding dress: it either can match your dress or it could be a contrast to it. Almost every flower comes also in white, so it shouldn’t be a problem to make an all white wedding bouquet out of your favorite flowers.

A traditional and classic white wedding bouquet works great in all seasons and adds some grace and elegance to a casual wedding. All white wedding bouquets are not liked by all brides. Some consider them to be plain and boring and they believe that the bouquets will not show up against the dress and that it will look flat in the photo. It is however a matter of personal taste. If you like all white wedding bouquets do not be afraid to choose one. It is your wedding day and it’s only important what you like. All white wedding bouquets can be made out of all flowers. The most popular white flower used in a wedding bouquet is calla lily.

All White Wedding Bouquets

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Calla lilies are beautiful and elegant flowers and a great choice for a wedding bouquet. White roses can also be a good pick for your. An all white roses bouquet is timeless and expresses beauty and grace. If your wedding is in spring you could have a tulip bouquet. Simple yet elegant, tulips are just wonderful. For a summer wedding chose hydrangea. These big flowers with many petals are very elegant and a great choice for formal but also for more casual weddings. In autumn and winter white roses or calla lilies should be chosen for the wedding bouquet.

All white wedding bouquets enhance the beauty and elegance of your wedding dress without using a certain color. They are a classic and traditional choice, always in style. It brings out your femininity and do not distract the attention of the guests. Choosing a beautiful all white wedding bouquet you are guaranteed that all eyes will be on you – the bride. You can find such a lovely bouquet at every local florist.11

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The 8th largest city of the Unites States and the second largest city of California, San Diego is frequently visited by numerous tourists. The great city climate, its beautiful beaches and the numerous interesting attractions (like Balboa Park, Belmont amusement park, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, and SeaWorld San Diego, Mission San Diego de Alcala and Old Town San Diego State Historic Park) are not the only reason why San Diego is so popular. For soon–to–be brides, San Diego is a great city to look for bridal dresses.

Your first stop when searching for the perfect bridal dress should be D’Angelo Couture. Here you can find a great variety of beautiful and elegant couture bridal dresses and also bridesmaid dresses or dresses for the mother of the bride. D’Angelo Couture offers you a great experience and high – quality services. Another San Diego bridal dress shop is “Here comes the bride”.

Bridal Dresses in San Diego

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Here you can find designer and couture bridal dresses or other gowns by Michelle Roth, Henry Roth, Lazaro, Pronovias, Paloma Blanca, Mikaella, Alvina Valenta, Tara Keely, Jim Hjelm, Ysa Makino, Rivini, Renella De Fina, Amy Michelson, Stephen Yearick or Casablanca and many others. Only here will you find your dream designer wedding gown that will fit your budget, no matter how big or small it is.

Bride Veil is a full service bridal salon in San Diego. This salon offers you a large selection of fine couture bridal dresses created by top designers. They also have gowns for the mother of the bride, bridesmaid and the flower kids. Friendly and experienced consultants are always ready to help you find your perfect bridal dress.

A Nite on the Town Fashion Bridal offers you bridal dresses in every color, style and size, but here you can find also dresses for the wedding party, tuxedos for the groom and gowns for any special occasion, not only for a wedding. A knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff listens carefully to your wishes and provides individual consultation. The entire consultant’s attention will be given to you. The prizes are great and you will surly find your dream bridal gown at an affordable prize.

Bridal Dresses in San Diego

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Amour Bridal Evening Wear is also a great San Diego bridal dresses shop where you will find beautiful elegant bridal dresses, accessories and much more. It offers you a great shopping experience and it will fulfill your every bridal dress wish. Cinderella’s Closet is the San Diego bridal dresses shop for you, if you are looking for beautiful unique bridal gown. The designer here will create the bridal dress you have always dreamed of and the prizes will just amaze you. Alfred Angelo is known as one of San Diego’s best bridal dresses shops, offering a great variety of finest bridal dresses.

This store convinces with breath taking elegant gowns, high – quality, a friendly and experienced staff – all these will transform your search for the perfect bridal dress into an unforgettable experience. Here you will think is the place where fairytales come true. 11

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The veil is an accessory that every bride should have. The veil offers a special mystery, but at the same time it has a pure aesthetic role. This well known bridal accessory is charged with symbolism and tradition.

Characteristic for most bridal outfits, the veil is a particular acquisition. He has the power to bring femininity, purity, romance and at the same time mystery. Long or short, single or double, the veil must be in harmony with the dress, hairstyle, hair accessories, but also with the type of face the bride has. It offers to the world an idyllic image of the bride; it takes you to a story land and brings emotion to those who admire it.

The Bridal Veil Symbolism

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The bridal veil is part of a very old tradition. Before the wedding ceremony, the bride was not wearing a veil, and, at the wedding, when the veil is taken off it means that she is ready to start a new life. For a traditionalist bride is almost impossible not to wear a veil on her wedding day. This attachment has the power to tell a story. The model you will choose can say if you are a romantic or an exuberant bride.

For the non so traditionalist brides, there is an alternative: the birdcage veil. This is an accessory brought to life by the vintage fashion. It was a very popular element in the 30’s and the 40’s when it was created by the high society ladies or famous singers and actresses. But, this type of veil is not addressed only to them. It suits every bride because it can be worn without problems both with an elegant dress and with a two pieces outfit. The only conditions that the person who wears them needs to fulfill is to have self confidence and self esteem, attitude, and why not, courage.

There are three types of birdcage veils: the French one, the English one and the Russian one. The difference between them is the stitches size. So the French veil has the smallest stitches, the English one the largest and the Russian has medium ones. The length can differ: from short veils that cover only the forehead to medium length veils that descend till the nose level, or the mouth.

The Symbolism of the Bridal Veil

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Generally, it is said about veils that they protect the bride from evil spirits and about the birdcage veils that they masque the woman’s face in front of the man, so that he could not see her real image until the veil will be taken off. Besides the fact that these stories have their particular charm, today the veil is mostly just a fashion accessory that complements the bride’ s dress and expresses her personality. It can be worn with any type of hair arrangement, due to the various models that exist.11

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You never get enough of suggestions and creative ideas that can make your life better and more special. Inspiration and inspiring someone is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to weddings. Wanting to be original and go besides the traditional ideal background that pushes on every bride and groom shoulders, is not novelty.

So, as other aspects of our social life, the wedding ceremony herself disposes of creative ideas. Set your imagination free and create a wedding where the real combines itself with unusual elements. Dream or reality, this is what your guests should wonder when seeing the amazing setting that you have created.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

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A creative wedding idea is to inspire yourself from books or anime movies that you have loved as a young child. No, it’s not silly. As a matter a fact, an “Alice in Wonderland” theme wedding it will surprise everyone from every point of view. To achieve such a challenge, make sure that you have the perfect dream location. And what can be more appropriate than an outdoor wedding, where the grass would play the role of a carpet and the surrounding vegetation would be the décor itself. You need a rich imagination, it’s true. But don’t despair. The nature is on your side and you can collaborate with it as you please.

Before starting talking about the story like setting and the details that will make it perfect, let’s bring out every bride’s favorite subject: the wedding dress. It must be unique. What can accomplish this better than a dress that transposes you in the skin of the character. Choose a layered pattern, playful, that can highlight your innocence and childhood spirit. You can wear on the head, instead of a veal, a natural flowers tiara and also you can dare to pick a pair of colored shoes, like the ones that Alice wears in the animation movie. In wonderland everything is allowed. You can give your dress colored shades: red shoes, a playful colored band on the head or on the waist, or if you are really bold, wear a mini top hat on the head.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

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If you really want this kind of wedding, you will have to get into character very well, because after all, you want to bring back into our days the wonderful story. Let’s go back to details. Some white wooden chairs will liken better with the real story setting. The color and the diversity are the key elements in the wedding decoration pattern that you will have to choose. Flowers, colored candles, balloons, confetti, everything needs to blend together so that it will seem like a dream come true. When you think about “Alice in Wonderland” a few things come to mind: the pretty rabbits, the mini top hat, the watch, the kettle, the bird cage. Now you can be playful. You can start by putting flower petals on the ground, same color or variations on the one you want, set little, pretty tea cups on the tables and a kettle in the middle, maybe a sweet birdcage filled with purple, red, orange field flowers.

Another creative wedding idea would be to offer your guests, on their way out, “Alice in Wonderland” inspired favors like little mushroom houses. They will always remember your wedding day. So you wouldn’t skip any detail, read the book a few times, or even watch the movie together with your family. It will be a great way to connect with them and to share ideas.11

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