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For the princess-style gown fans we’ve prepared more beautiful samples of haute couture wedding dresses to show you on our website hopefully the images we’ve posted on this page will help you make yourself an overall image on what this designer’s style really looks like.

We must mention that all these splendid gowns you get to admire on this page are made by Coco Couture for a fabulous 2011 bridal collection. And we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and your own opinions on these remarkable pieces.

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We personally find these dresses truly amazing, elegant and exceptional, perfect for any modern bride who is looking for something definitely unique, one of a kind and attractive. We adore the full skirt silhouettes, the feminine cuts, the overlays and the puffy textures. And besides the classic princess-style Coco Couture bridal dresses that take over the scene, you can also find lots of refined, feminine and delicate empire waits or sheath dress styles in this marvelous collection. We would recommend these fascinating pieces to both classy and modern brides who are interested in obtaining a more original, eye-catchy, dainty and stylish look for their big wedding day.

One can tell from afar that these gowns here are anything but plain, unattractive or standard. They wear the mark of this genius bridal couturier who managed to transform the classic ball gown silhouette into a more sparkling, glamorous and irresistible piece that any bride who respects herself would choose for her own wear!

Bridal Dresses from

If we are to exemplify a certain category of brides who should consider these gorgeous Coco Couture bridal dresses we would mention the dramatic-elegant brides who are planning a formal ceremony and reception and the casual brides too – who are planning a more romantic, chic and cozy wedding. As we said before, the lavish and ample full skirt dresses are for formal brides, while the empire waist can also fit perfectly the destination or the informal brides in general.

We adore the tulle overlays and skirts which manage to bring more coziness, practicality, light, freedom of movement and glamour to the bride’s look. Any one of you who decide to vote and opt for one of these sensational Coco Couture bridal dresses will experience a very nice and flattering style that can provide her both with comfort and an enviable silhouette.

Bridal Dresses from

Other types of fabrics that are used by this fashion designer in creating these exceptional dress masterpieces are lace, chiffon, silk and taffeta. As you can see, the palette of choices in matters of materials is quite wide and generous. Any bride can find her ideal wedding dress among these precious styles! We are convinced that there are many brides out there already interested in purchasing or trying on one of these spectacular gowns. We suggest you to examine closely more designs made by this couturier before you make any hasty decision or big purchase. You can therefore browse for more original and ravishing Coco Couture bridal dresses on this designer’s official website.11

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Africa is a huge continent, as surface and traditions, here living some of the oldest civilizations of the world. She is the home for different religions and cultures, and this extremely colorful diversity reflects on wedding rituals as well.

The main feature of wedding traditions of the African continent is the family. An African wedding is more than everything, the combination of two personalities in one family, or the communion of two families, or even the union of two tribes in one family. The concept of family is the concept that is found in all African cultures and traditions.

In Africa exists more than 1000 of cultural entities, but each individual, each tribe has its own wedding traditions and marriage, many of them having roots in the thousand years old history of the continent. Also here exist many representing religions. A big part of north Africa, has like her main religion the Moslem one, while the south is dominated by citizens with membership such as Christians, Hindu people and even Judaism.

Young girls from Africa are prepared to be wives since they are children. They can learn secret codes and unknown languages, that allows them to communicate with married women without their husbands to understand what they are talking about. Depending of the area where you are, the wedding ceremonies can be extremely elaborated, some of them having a duration of some days. Very often you can find cases when the marriage is officiated with many couples at once.

In Sudan and some areas along the Nile, the man buys his right to marry, paying with sheep or cows. The price of a bride can reach 30-40 cows, a very high price considering that a normal and decent family, does not have such a high number of cows. In Somalia, the man has the right to marry 4 women if he can maintain them, and this isn’t a “never seen before” case. Bright colors, dancing, songs and the rhythm are vitals elements for many African wedding ceremonies. Common for all the ceremonies is the transition from puberty to maturity. In many African traditions the kids are encouraged to marry when they are 13-15 years old, once they have reached physical maturity.

Divorces are rarely encountered in the case of Africa families. The problems of a couple are often debated with both families, and many times they find solutions and the young couple is saved. Many times the whole community helps the couple to resolve their problems in order to prevent their divorce.The marriage in Africa is sanctified, untouchable. Because the theme of this article is African weddings let me tell you something about African wedding dresses as well.

Modern brides don’t take into account old habits, dressing themselves in withe, not in bright colors, like an ordinary European bride. African wedding dresses, in older times were full of bright colors, not white, but now traditions are no longer observed. So, if you live in a city area from Africa, you can dress up for a wedding in what color you want. Unfortunately traditions no longer exist in city areas.11

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Are you planning a spectacular extraordinary look for your big special wedding day and you haven’t yet found the perfect wedding gown that can emphasize your splendor and your natural feminine beauty? Well, we’ve found something that you might easy fancy and perhaps consider for your own wedding: the lace corset wedding dress.

Corset style wedding dresses are not very popular among modern brides but the new designs and styles are attracting more and more followers among contemporary young or mature brides.

Before you consider a corset wedding dress though you must think and rethink of this style as much as needed just to make sure you have made the right decision. You should be aware that these corset wedding dresses, especially those made from lace, are quite provocative, sensual and incredibly sizzling.

These dresses are made especially for the modern bride who wants to attract as many admiring glances as possible and to drive her future husband crazy with appreciation and jealousy when other male guests will be looking at her. This type of dress is flirty, sensual and curve showing and that is why you must be aware of the fact that you won’t be able to play too modest or innocent in this type of dress, unless you choose a lace corset wedding dress with long sleeves and a high neck. Nevertheless, besides all this challenging eye-catchy seductive look provided by a lace corset wedding dress to the bride wearing it, it will also make her feel incredibly flattered and elegant wearing this type of dress.

The greatest thing about corset wedding dresses is the way they manages to mold on the bride’s body and create that stunning slenderizing effect that all women are crazy about. All kinds of brides who wish to wear something form-fitting should try on a lace corset wedding dress and see how gorgeous, romantic and flattering it fits the body just like a glove. It is the most famous type of dress that manages to accentuate the curves in the best way possible. Full figure brides gain structure once dressed up in a lace corset wedding dress while the thinner slender brides looks more curved and attractive.

The corset style also manages to enhance the natural shape of your arms and shoulders in a very elegant, stylish, gallant and coquette way. For brides with broad shoulders or arms this type of dress works perfectly when completed with a shawl or a wrap. You can find beautiful plunging neckline lace corset wedding dresses or square neckline lace corset wedding dresses with A-line full skirts, shorter skirts or wrap-around skirts. If you’re planning an ample, extravagant, sophisticated and fancy dramatic wedding in San Francisco then this versatile type of dress can fit you perfectly!11

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Wedding jewels are designed by high skilled artists specialized in precious or semiprecious stones and metals. They are using the materials,in order to design a beautiful jewel worth being worn by a happy, young bride and groom on their wedding ceremony. The wedding ring is the key item of every wedding union.

The couple’s relationship is legalized and blessed by these unique, eternal symbols of love and devotion. Jewel designers are very famous and popular, according to their own style. This profession requires many skills. But you may design your own wedding ring as well, even if you are not a professional jewel expert. You may still have your own ideas and concepts about the wedding ring that you would like to wear on your wedding day. Be creative!

Take your time to search online for as many ring designs as possible! You`ll find something special and it will capture your imagination. Take a pencil and write down your ideas or draw when possible. Consult a jewel specialist, and get the ring of your dreams! You`ll need only a bit of patience and creativity. The hand crafted precious gold wedding rings of 14k or 18k could be very expensive according to their style and material. I suggest you to visit DesignYourWedding and begin there with designing your perfect wedding ring! You`ll enjoy it very much! It’s not a game, it is the way in which you can plan your own wedding in a creative manner, suitable for your high skilled, talented personality! Ask your heart about your wedding ring preferences! Ask your fiance as well about his wishes and dreams. Work together and create your ring!

We are talking about a particular wedding ring design for a particular day of your life! Try to read some literature about the history of the wedding ring, contact a few jewel experts online, and ask for their advice! Think of special messages which could be engraved on your wedding ring! Choose the stones that you would like your ring to include as well! Which stones are your favorite ones? Which stones are actually according to your own wedding budget? Would you like something really expensive? I believe that you have already heard about platinum, the most expensive metal used in jewel design. Think of the cost of your ring design as well! Focus only on available styles in that particular jewel shop and set the material, the weight, the width, the settings and the proper color of your rings. You`ll have fun carrying out this task!

Your engagement period is your preparation for a lifetime commitment. This special occasion needs a personalized wedding item of your sacred union. The ring must have a unique look and design, affordable and acceptable for you at the same time. The design of the engagement ring and of the wedding band needs devotion and passion for beauty and elegance. So, you may get a lot of help from well known jewel artisans in order to create a lovely wedding ring. Write them a nice email about your design ideas, and ask for their help. These people are devoted artists in jewel design and they are helping you to discover your own creativity.

In case you design the ring for your life mate as well, for your future wife or husband, you have to know his/his preferences, his/her favorite metal, gemstone and so on. Design the shape of the stone included in the ring! You`re doing a good job, don`t be afraid of anything. Your partner will be delighted by your talent and your serious efforts invested in planning your wedding. You`ll create an individual, unique memory and expression of love, demonstrating your devotion and commitment towards your life mate.

Focus on a perfect collaboration with your jewel expert! You`ll need his advice every day during the design process. He could give you brilliant ideas and useful tips and all of them are worth being followed. Your ring will be the center of attention during the whole wedding ceremony. It will be a heart touching symbol of honor, pride, love and devotion to your marriage. It will become a precious family jewel, admired by your children and grandchildren as well. Dare to design it! It is your wedding!11

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